Saturday, 30 October 2010

IM BA-ACK!!!!!!!

you guys can have ariella back now seeing as you guys have voted no matter that you didn't comment!!!!! next time i won't give her back!!! im gonna go now...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


i have taken over the keyboard and ariella is my captive now!!!!! your not getting her back unless i get a ransom of your vote on our movies for halloween! you better go vote now or your never gonna see her again! go vote, NOW! love ya even though i probably don't know ya! btw if you happen to resemble Munro Chambers at all let me know and send a pic- i want to marry you. and for those of you who don't believe i don't exist and this is just ariella having a manic episode go check out my blog and ravings about Munro here. i'm not completely insane though... im perfectly sane *stop laughing ariella!!!* love ya

here are the movies in question
1. phantom of the opera (la di da EEIK!)
2. nightmare on elm street (old version)
3. pyscho (not to be confused with the tv show pysch)
4. rear window (not the front)
5. dracula (in honor of the hottie Vampier)
6. frankenstein (boo, i don't really want to )
7. the exorsist (not the last exorsism, that's messed up)
8. supernatural (WHO-HOO!!!!! this show is sooooo good. yay for Dean!!! *drools over hotness*)
9. ghost hunters (don't call ghost busters- this is different)
10. twilight zone (time traveling music time- not Dr. Who *heart (the thing doesn't like hearts)*)
11. the little mermaid (don't get me wrong- this thing is terrifying!)


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