Friday, 26 November 2010


Well, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I keep getting distracted. And happy belated Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I have a YouTube account (ClaudariaMostri) and I uploaded my first video!!! :-D
This makes me happy.
Anyway, go to YouTube and watch it and comment, so that there won't only be the views from my cousin and me. Thank you!

And another astounding discovery; I no longer sound like a little kid when recorded!
This also makes me happy.

And my cousin got a new kitty named Tigerlily. (But everyone calls her Tilly.) She's so adorable and she loves to sleep in my lap.

I have nothing else to say right now. Except I'm really getting into Assassin, my newest manuscript.


Cheerio, peeps!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Yes, I am still a Harry Potter fanatic. But that's not the point of this post.

(Another name for this post is Inspiration, but I like the one I chose instead.)

Over the summer, Liza told me to join Twitter. I honestly didn't care, but I joined anyway. I follow plenty of people, but I mainly only read HarryJPotterr's tweets

And... I like Lord Voldy. (It got too long to write Lord_Vold... Yeah. Too long.) I never thought I would, but I like Voldy. Admittedly, he's always ragging on celebs I hate, so I find him hilarious, but that's not the entire point of the post.

Lord Voldy is a bastard. I'll be the first to admit that. But I'm not going to tell him to go to hell, or anything else like that, like all the other idiots who'll write in all caps F*CK YOU. (I have been trying to keep my blogs clean, unlike my writing, but I feel strongly on this point, so I will say what I want, thanks.)

Inspiration is a surprising thing. There are places you would expect to find it, and places where you know (think) it would never be. But he's one of those people with the unexpected.
I can't decide what inspires me and what doesn't. I can't and won't make myself like something that I don't.

And I like Lord_Voldemort7.

You can say I'm an idiot for liking a role-player on Twitter, but I like him. I suppose by his standards I should be a Death Eater.
1.) I use and appreciate good grammer. I also don't like people writing like this; "lol! omg did u see tht hottie! omg!" and things like that. (Yes, I know I wrote OMG and LOL in my last post, but that was for artistic use and to make a point.)
2.) I laugh at his posts.
3.) I follow and frequently retweet him.
But I don't care.

READ THIS. This gave me a bigger self-esteem boost than almost anything I've read in my entire life. He is a bastard. Yes, he is. But he still inspires me.
Don't ask me why that inspired me, it just did. One of those things where some one like me goes out and makes people like them, and everyone else for that matter, take a nice, long look at themselves.
That's what I want to do with myself.
That's what I want to be when I grow up.

I suppose I answered my own question; why does he inspire me?
But I needed to write it like I did. Voldy always makes me think and that's good.

I know that no one else my age, certainly no one else in my grade, would spend their night without homework writing a post on inspiration, anti-bullying, and anti-hypocrisy, but that's who I am.

When I think of more things, and trust me, I will, this topic will be revisited in multiple ways.

Cheerio, peeps.

Sherlock, I love you!

Indeed. I am currently re-watching the BBC series Sherlock. I don't know why it wasn't on BBC America, but it was on PBS, so that was alright.
And I love you Sherlock!
I was reading some stuff about the man who plays Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch. Apparently, he wanted to be the Doctor on Doctor Who, and he would have been GREAT! But he didn't try out and Matt Smith got the part.
*Fangirl squeal* OMG, MATT SMITH!!! *Squeal*
LOL, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is HILARIOUS! And I can so see Sherlock being a texting addict. Along with everything else he was addicted to.
And he's such an idiot when he talks to girls. He is so funny!

Oh my God, I'm so insane. I am totally obsessed with BBC shows. And British people. But don't tell anyone!
Just the whole internet.
Haha. I'm so weird.

And if you're wondering why I'm writing this at one in the afternoon on a Tuesday, I'm sick at home for the second day in a row.

Anyway, two more things about Sherlock;
1.) So funny how everyone thinks that Sherlock and John are gay
2.) and I don't know if I said it before, but I recently read a series called Enola Holmes written by a woman named Nancy Springer. They're sort of for younger kids, a little bit, but they were brilliant. I highly suggest them. There are six in the series.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Sherlock! :-D Heart.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

IM BA-ACK!!!!!!!

you guys can have ariella back now seeing as you guys have voted no matter that you didn't comment!!!!! next time i won't give her back!!! im gonna go now...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


i have taken over the keyboard and ariella is my captive now!!!!! your not getting her back unless i get a ransom of your vote on our movies for halloween! you better go vote now or your never gonna see her again! go vote, NOW! love ya even though i probably don't know ya! btw if you happen to resemble Munro Chambers at all let me know and send a pic- i want to marry you. and for those of you who don't believe i don't exist and this is just ariella having a manic episode go check out my blog and ravings about Munro here. i'm not completely insane though... im perfectly sane *stop laughing ariella!!!* love ya

here are the movies in question
1. phantom of the opera (la di da EEIK!)
2. nightmare on elm street (old version)
3. pyscho (not to be confused with the tv show pysch)
4. rear window (not the front)
5. dracula (in honor of the hottie Vampier)
6. frankenstein (boo, i don't really want to )
7. the exorsist (not the last exorsism, that's messed up)
8. supernatural (WHO-HOO!!!!! this show is sooooo good. yay for Dean!!! *drools over hotness*)
9. ghost hunters (don't call ghost busters- this is different)
10. twilight zone (time traveling music time- not Dr. Who *heart (the thing doesn't like hearts)*)
11. the little mermaid (don't get me wrong- this thing is terrifying!)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sunflower, Sunflower

Sunflower, sunflower
tell me your tale.

Your heart's made of bricks,
your soul left in jail.

Your spirit is broken,
your mind in thrall.

Sunflower, sunflower
tell me all.

The rain's not yet passed,
the sun waits by its tail.

Sunflower, sunflower
tell me your tale.

Inspired by looking at the cover of one of my leather journals. It has different flowers in a garden and the biggest one is a sort of gold-yellow sunflower.

Now my mom and I are going to go watch Letters to Juliet, which is an amazing movie!

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Watching A Very Potter Musical again for no particular reason. I love it!
And Infublo hopefully got a Mac today, just like me.
I don't care what people say, Apple RULES!
And I didn't have school today, and I won't again tomorrow. ;-)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Arrr! A Pirate Be I!

Welcome, one and all, to Ariella's musical theater!
This year's play shall be...
*Drum roll*

The Pirates of Penzance, Junior!
(I know it sucks, but my school always does the junior version of plays.)

Zev (A boy from school, whom I believe I've mentioned before...?) is an opera singer, and this is HIS play. He loves it. When we used to do talent shows at school, he always sang "I am a Pirate King."
It is now posted below, for your enjoyment.

Sorry the people are so weird looking.

Anyway... Well, not much else, really. Most of this year's teacher are pretty good. A few, who will not be named, are not so very good... (I would say more, but I know of one teacher specifically who reads this, although he isn't my teacher this year, and I don't want to get in trouble.)

Been doing a lot of writing, both on my new manuscript (Hooray, for the assassin! The government shall never catch her! No, I won't say anything else about it for now.) and editing Reborn.
I have been told by multiple people that I WILL be published, for real, not just self-publishing.
And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and glowy! :-D

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Unbeknownst to all, there is an old trunk in the attic. It has been undisturbed since 1944. It is full of the snapshots of life.
One is of children eating cotton candy at a carnival. Another is of a bride throwing her bouquet to her waiting friends. Snapshots of life.
Every picture is a moment, caught in a split second, the moment the holder's finger clicked the button. Since that time, some of the magic has been lost. Before you get the perfect moment, you position your camera, play with the buttons, pose the people.
There are very few snapshots of life left.
Back then, the impromptu photos were truly impromptu, no poses.
And in the attic, this box waits for the moment it will be found and dusted. Unlocked and opened. But until then, all it can do is pray that one day its' contents will be found and examined and used to once again create true snapshots of life.

Funny little story. I don't know if that whole thing about not posing photos back then is true, but it's sort of how I feel sometimes, being an amateur photographer. But I also like to position people anyway.

Cheerio, peeps.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sugar and Glass

I live in a world
made of sugar and glass.

One loud step
and the walls fall en masse.

Sweet and clear
will never make my troubles disappear.

I live in world
made of sugar and glass.

Which is really a world
made of lies and of fear.

I tried to do some rhyming. I think it worked surprisingly well.

Okay, about the cooking blog, I promise we'll post tomorrow. We've got cookies, ice cream cake, chocolate and peanut butter rice crispies, turkey... what-ever-they're-called-s, and some other stuff.


Well, workin' on some new things. I've got a romance/ghost story/murder mystery idea coming pretty well, and I'm still working on Assassin, so I should be able to keep pretty busy until I got back to Reborn.
Honestly, I'm a bit afraid to. Now, I know the writing in the beginning is pretty bad, but I'm cutting a whole character and moving her to be introduced in the second book, so that will take a LOT. I even have at least 2 chapters that she narrates!!
But if I must, I must.


One of my teachers this year used to be an editor, so once I do the second draft, I'll give a copy to her, and some copies to a few other teachers, and let them edit for me, if they want to. Hopefully. After I have about 4 teachers AND my mom AND (hopefully) my book selling uncle (Maybe...) AND my friends AND a previously-published, soon-to-be again published author AND myself one more time, to make the 3rd draft, then I will hopefully be ready to BEGIN sending to agents.


Okay. I'm better now.

School started again. It's school. More tomorrow, or something. I have to go to be.

G'nignt, all.

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. I did this cool thing where all the books I have in my bookshelves that I haven't read, I put yellow sticky notes on. I have started now trying to read all the marked books. I hope to finish before the end of the school year. Maybe not, but I'll try.

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Post of Shameless Self-Promotion

Uh-huh. This post is all about my amazing cake decorating abilities and my new team cooking blog with my mom. Oh yeah!

Below is the ice cream cake my mom and I baked, and I decorated, for a friend's baby shower. She used to baby sit me sometimes before she moved to Arizona! Very far from where I live, I can tell ya' that!
Here's the cake. It had already been in the freezer for a while, so it was starting to droop a bit.
The cake was chocolate chip with mint chocolate chip ice cream. The icing was home-made whipped cream and the colored icing was just sugar, water, and coloring (So, more sugar.)

It was based off the napkins below.

I even put a monkey on!
Isn't he cute?! :-)
Now, the blog my mom and I are doing is called Once Upon a Cookie Pan. I named it! You should check it out. Once I finish this post (So, it will already be up once you've read this.) I'll be writing a cookie recipe post. And tomorrow morning/afternoon we'll put up a recipe for the ice cream cake and the whipped cream. So, probably ditto to the above in parenthesis.

Well, that's enough of my ego for one night, then!

Watch out for tomorrow's birthday post!

Cheerio, peeps!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Stick Figures

A figure made of sticks and stones,
has no bones to break.

A figure made of sticks is wood
but not flesh and blood.

A person can't be made of sticks
but what if the answer is

If a stick figure is a person
what is the answer to that?

I haven't the faintest clue what that was. But I got inspiration from this poem.

Cheerio, peeps.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I am so tired that I forgot to name this post! Then I came back to fix it, and I couldn't even think of a clever title!

Found this a while back on Eleanor's blog. Thought about doing it. Didn't. Got bored. Decided to do it. Just now.

Wow, I'm pathetic. Oh well. *shrug*

1. Put your iPod or MP3 on shuffle.
2. Hit the next button and whatever it lands on is the answer to the question.
3. Laugh out loud at the answer.
4. Tag six people.

(Hmm... Since I already used numbers, the questions will be marked in Roman numerals. Should be interesting... since I don't really know Roman numerals... Nor can I read them particularly well, unless I'm counting on my fingers... Yay! Back to Kindergarten!
Anyway... Don't bother... just ignore me as I go play with my hair in the corner...)

I. Are you male or female?

In the Dark-Flyleaf (So I don't know what I am...? O.0)

II. What do people feel when they're around you?

Don't Slow Down-Matt & Kim (Um... HUH?!)

III. Describe your current relationship. (With who?)

As You Cry-The Hush Sound (Brilliant. *Sarcasm!*)

IV. Where would you like to be right now?

The House Wins-Ok Go (A CASINO?! I'm not even old enough!!)

V. How do you feel about love?

The Technicolor Phase-Owl City (Apparently, very nicely.)

VI. What's your life like?

The Resolution-Jack's Mannequin (So, it was pretty suckish? I don't think so.)

VII. What would you wish for if you had only one wish? (Please let me get published, please let me get published, please let me get published...!! WHAT?!?! It's TRUE!)

Hot Air Balloon-Owl City (Huh... That wouldn't be too bad of a wish. A hot air balloon!! :-D)

VIII. Say something wise.


IX. How would you describe yourself?

Invincible (Live)-Ok Go (SWEET!!!!!)

X. What is your life's purpose?

The Coolest Girl-Bonnie Gruesen (from AVPS, written by Darren Criss) [OHMYGOD!!!! THIS IS P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!!!]

XI. What is your motto?

Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional

XII. What do your friends think of you?

Break the Sky-The Hush Sound

XIII. What do you think of your parents?

Save Me-Amasic (Eeek!)

XIV. What do you think of very often?

Misguided Ghosts-Paramore

XV. What is 2+2?

You're so Damn Hot-Ok Go (WTF?) [<-- LOL. Another Ok Go song!]

XVI. What do you think of your best friend?

Beaming-Relient K (So she's smiley? Um... Yeah, I guess...?)

XVII. What is your life story?

All Around Me-Flyleaf

XVIII. What do you want to be when you grow up?

The Permanent Rain-The Dangerous Summer (I am afraid of what this means...)

XIX. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Re-Education (Through Labor)-Rise Against (Awesome!)

XX. What will they play at your funeral?

The Vinyl Countdown-Relient K (Wow... Kind of appropriate for me, but... wow...)

XXI. What is your hobby/interest?

Sahara-Relient K

XXII. What is your biggest fear?

Blood-The Editors (Well... I don't love it, but is sure isn't my biggest fear.)

XXIII. What is your biggest secret?

God & Satan-Biffy Clyro (That would work.)

XXIV. What do you think of your friends?

Not Alone-Darren Criss (Awww! So sweet!)

XXV. What will you repost this as?

Top of the World-The All-American Rejects

Okay then.

I tag...

Cranberry of Insane Trio Blog
The Clumsy Reader of... Wait for it... The Clumsy Reader!
And really, whoever else reads this post and feels like doing this. 'Cuz I'm too dang tired to think of anyone else.

DISCLAIMER!!! Sorry, for all my weird cynicism/craziness tonight. I'm frickin' tired and I hit my arm on the kitchen table, got blisters from new shoes, cut myself shaving, and got clawed up by my cat, all within less than 24 hours of each other.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
'Night, all!

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday the 13th

Hooray! :-)

Screw the superstitions and let the curses begin! LOL.
I laugh at superstitions. I will gladly walk under ladders and I love black cats. Friday the 13th is fun. AND in the same month as my birthday!
Although, it would have been cool if Friday the 13th had been last August, when I turned 13. Oh, well.
And now you know how old I am.

And I found more of those Hogwarts blogs. (And my STUPID computer didn't think Hogwarts was a real word!!!!!!)

Slytherin House (Again. And still my favorite... God, I feel GUILTY!)

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. 8 days till my birthday! Now I'm off to write more of my new manuscript. :-)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Alice in Wonderland and Slytherin House-The Marauders' Generation

Since I didn't want to use new shoes as my first design test, I'm going to use an old pair of purple Converse that I don't wear very often. I'm making them Alice in Wonderland themed.
Like the books, not any of the movies.

I'll have the daisy and wildflower, "We're all mad here" and the Cheshire cat, white and black chess pieces, "Curiouser and curiouser", a mirror, a rabbit, and some other stuff. If you don't know what some of that has to do with A in W, then read the books!

Surprisingly entertaining. Even though I previously (And still kind of do...) hate pretty much everyone, I really like it. It's making them seem like people!
My favorite is HBP (Snape) and Regulus Black, but I've always loved him (Well, ever since I figured out AT THE END OF BOOK 6 that Regulus had destroyed Voldy's horcrux, anyway. I'm smarter than the characters-I figured it out RIGHT when I saw the initials! *Smirk*). Regulus' post are really kind of cute. :-)

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Birthday in 10 days!
And I did pretty good in yesterday's audition. Keep you fingers crossed!! :-)

Monday, 9 August 2010


Yes, I did just call this post shoes.

But that is because I'll be making my own! :-D
When we were on our road trip, we went to Toronto. And in Toronto is one of the coolest museums ever. It's all about the history of shoes. So I got this REALLY, REALLY awesome book about people making designs on their own shoes and stuff.
As a birthday present to myself, I've decided to make a pair.
Today my mom and I are going to some craft stores to buy the stuff I'll need. And then later today, or sometime this week, we'll go find a pair of white Converse, and I'll possibly buy some different color laces, because just white would be boring!
And I'll wear them FOREVER! :-)
I'm also hoping that at school, people will like them. Maybe I can get some money out of it...?
I won't count on it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
It might work better when I'm in high school, though.
But I'm starting to need the money... O.O

Once I'm done, I'll post pictures, but I'll give you my ideas right now.

Right shoe: Kind of piratey/Goth/punk. (Yes, I DO mean pirates. They ROCK and invented the original skull and crossed bones, which will be on it.) There'll be music notes and lots of black and skulls and some cool stuff like that.

Left shoe: The other one is sort of fairy tale like. It will, of course, be minimal pink. I don't really like pink much... But there'll be purple and some flower doodles and some trees, maybe a crown. BUT the words 'once upon a time' will be on it, because they rock! :-)

Ooooh!!! Good idea!!!! I am brilliant! LOL.
Because I love to write, the other shoe will be central around 'it was a dark and stormy night!'
I am so smart!!!!!!
They will be the ultimate teen, punk, author shoes!
And they will be MINE!! ALL MINE!!!

LOL! :-D

I'm happy, and, for no reason I can think of, slightly hyper!

Some time in September, I'm going to have a pre-Halloween party, with monster movies. Dracula and possibly Frankenstein, and MAYBE even Young Frankenstein.
My parents have some friends with this really big, blow up movie screen, that makes it sorta like a drive-in movie theater, so that is AWESOME. Gotta love the classics.
And for Halloween itself, even though it's on a Sunday, I'll invite some people over for a double sleep over. We can stay up really late on Saturday, and then we'll be tired after walking around all Sunday night, so we'll sleep, and then go to school in the morning.
Perfect plan!

My neighborhood ROCKS because Trick-Or-Treating is ALWAYS on Halloween NIGHT!!!
Most places just go on a weekend afternoon. We are so cool!

I ♥ Halloween!

And I am so hyper!

12 days until my birthday!

Tomorrow, I'm trying out for some plays with a monologue I wrote and "No Good Deed" from Wicked, which I saw last Wednesday for the THRID time. And I L-O-V-E it!!!!

I'm starting at 'What good is this chanting...' and end with the chorus, which is really fun to sing.
The monologue is from a previous camp, about a vampire with some problems controlling her charge, Benedict.
If I get published, look out for the second book! You'll meet Illiana and Benedict then!

Well, that's pretty much everything, then...

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 30 July 2010

What'd Ya' Think?

If you haven't read it yet, I finished the first draft of my manuscript. I AM VERY HAPPY!!!!
So, now I'm working on edits, to make it as perfect as possible before I start sending to editors.

Now, why am I telling you this?
Well, for one thing, I want EVERYONE to know that I finished! And I also want your opinions on my chapter titles. Here's a list of the current chapters:

1. Through the Window
2. Be Silent
3. Being Followed
4. The Only One
5. Meeting the Night
6. What Is Reality?
7. Truth
8. A Bag of Maps
9. Liar
10. The Butterfly Effect
11. A Matter of the Heart
12. White Doesn't Always Move First
13. Pawns
14. Rain, Rain
15. It's Nice to Pretend
16. Stockholm Syndrome
17. Apologies
18. The Terror of Waiting
19. Memories
20. Locked In
21. Blood for the Vampire
22. Beginnings
23. No One Ever Looks Up
24. Nightmare
25. It Wasn't Me
26. The Poisoned Knife, Part One
27. A House Divided
28. Losing
29. The Poisoned Knife, Part Two
30. Let's Go Back to the Start
31. The Dead

What do you think? Please tell me your favorite chapter names, least favorite, ones you think sound the most interesting, and etc.
Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think! Because I KNOW you all have opinions!

Cheerio, peeps!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Road Trip!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Anyway, on Tuesday we're going on a road trip! Yay!
We're driving up through Canada to Massachusetts, to visit some family.
We'll see Toronto, Niagara Falls, my mom's college, and other stuff.
On the way back my mom and I still haven't figured out what we're going to see.

I have nothing else to say right now....

Oh, yeah. Very surprisingly, I quite love Twitter.

Um... 166 pages in my book now. 34 left until my goal!

Gosh, this is a seriously suckish post, isn't it?
What ever.

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

I DO Believe in Fairies

I DO believe in fairies, I DO believe in fairies!

We saw a Peter Pan play last night. It was really, really good. And I've found another quote I want to stick somewhere in my book; "To die will be an awfully big adventure." I already have one from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
And I still need to read the book. It will be in my next batch of library holds.

We're coming home today... and I'm not sure what else there is to say.
I now have almost 120 pages in my book, so I'm doing quite well.

I got a letter from Infublo up at camp, and another friend of mine out there too. I'll be sending them care packages. Any suggestions on what to send? (No food allowed, though.)
Last year I sent her a pet rock and she wants another one, so I'll work on that tomorrow.

I'm also going to make sure I watch Toy Story tonight becasue I haven't watched it in FOREVER!
I need a new copy, though because I still have a VHS. I need a DVD of one and two. Two's my favorite.
But since I own one, I'll make the best of it and watch it tonight.

*Sigh...* I wish Peter Pan and Neverland were real...

I wish everyone all the luck on their way to finding Neverland.
Cheerio, peeps!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My Fashion Sense is Way Out of wHaCk

A new biography off me:

I know myself better than a lot of people think a newly turned teenager would.
And I'm so much more accepting of it.

I'm a strange person. Let's say that off the bat. Today I dyed my black hair with purple and red streaks.
My fashion sense is way out of WhAcK. I love a mixture of Punk, Emo/Goth, Smart-Kid, and Vintage. Converse are my favorite shoes. Some of my favorite brands are BP., Converse(Again.), and Rubbish.
I don't wear heels. They hurt my feet.

A lot of people say I'm an old soul. I believe them. Some people say I'm smarter than my age. I say, "Depends on what subject." I love big words.
When I grow up, I want to be an author. That's been my dream since 3rd grade. In 6th we got an assignment to write a story. Most people wrote 5-10 pages. I wrote 42.
I love words. But I suck at grammar. I also tend to dislike writing in full sentences. But I also don't use abbreviations when I text, and usually when I type.

I am a strange person.

I have two best friends. One is sometimes Goth, but I can never figure out whether or not she likes it when I say she is. She doesn't want to be labeled and I get that.
The other one is a real nut job. If you've read my work here before you've heard her write, and stories of her.
On this blog, her name is Infublo.

I'm a little American girl who wishes she was and feels like she is a Brit.
I use words like nutter and brilliant.
Fish and chips are one of my favorite foods, and I consider them to be a single entity.
In my book, British fantasy is its own genre.
Once upon a time is one of the best word combinations there is. Sometimes cliches are ok.

I am a strange person.

I have a very eclectic taste in shows.
I watch:
Doctor Who, NCIS, White Collar, Merlin, House, In Plain Sight, Warehouse 13, Leverage, Royal Pains, and many others.

I can read an approximately 300 page book in a day, with camp.

I love almost all animals.
I have a cat, but no siblings.

I am a strange person.

I want to live in England someday with a Ph.D. from Harvard.
I will gladly paint each of my walls a different color.
I love Mackenzie Child.
I love antiques and wrought iron and pillows and stuffed animals. Not the creepy ones, though. The fluffy ones.
Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect, even if he wasn't the greatest planner with wiring.

I love to travel. My family's from both sides of the country. I love Seattle, Washington, California, New York, London, and Saint Louis. Just some favorites.

I love different types of music.
I like rock and scream-o.
I love alternative and indie.
I have a strange fascination with Christian rock, even though I'm Jewish. Flyleaf is a favorite.

I am a very strange person.

Now do you believe me?
I told you I know myself better than you think.

Cheerio, peeps.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

OMG! Shopping!

A little piece of me died inside, screaming in agony as it went, while I wrote that title.

I can't believe I went shoe shopping today.
And enjoyed it. x.x
What have I become?!?! 0.O

Nah, but seriously. It was pretty fun with my aunt. I got some new converse, one on sale that had stars (Cool!) and another pair that was black, with SKULLS!!! :-D (I L-O-V-E Converse. They're my favorite type of shoes. Ever.) And I also got a pair of platform-y shoes. (Yay! I can be almost tall-ish!) They're black, but the strap has a big, decorative button on it, which I really like. And a few days ago I got a nice pair of flats that are silver-goldish(?). Well, in any case, metallic looking. And a really, really cool pair of black Converse with white writing. Things like tonight and New York and stuff.
CONVERSE!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

We also saw Toy Story 3 this morning. Gotta love Toy Story. (Woody!!♥!!) I think 2 is my fav. But we know a person who helped work on the animations, so yay!

Anyway, we went to my aunt's dog, Hank's, class. He was a bad doggie. We're pretty sure Hank has a dog equivalent of ADD. But he's so cute! I love him!

So, my cousin situation. Three human cousins, four dog cousins, four cat cousins. And my kitty is my baby brother. Sorta. 'Cuz in cat years he's probably older than me.

I'm sure I had some videos I wanted to post, but I can't remember what they are.
But tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed. Mostly it'll be dark red streaks, but, as shown on the side bar, I'm getting my bangs dyed a different color. I'm not sure what color they'll be though. I want a blue or purple, but we'll ask the hair dresser what he thinks. Hopefully I'll get a good color.

My book's coming well. I'm getting to the major action scenes, which will go very quick. I'm really believing I'm going to be able to finish my book, no, manuscript, by the end of the summer.

Have a nice summer everyone!
Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Okay, now. Two things to say.


2. Yesterday I flew on a plane by myself for the first time. It wasn't so bad. So, I am writing this from my grandpa's computer in San Francisco right now. He doesn't have Wi-Fi in his house.
So now I have to write this on a REALLY old computer. I miss my Mac! Sob... Right now it's charging in the basement because there aren't any three pronged sockets that I could find free.
And this computer bugs me. When I have to go back and fix something it deletes other things I wrote while I write the new things. Sorry, that was a bad explanation, but I hope you get it.

Well, later this after noon my aunt and I, and her dogs, are going out to her house, where I'll be staying for most of the rest of my visit.

And, okay, I'm sick of not telling anyone this.
I now have side bangs! Yay!
And, I mean, since you probably don't know me, then it's not a big deal, but I've had bangs since I was really, really little and they've always been pretty long. Flopping in my face and stuff. So I go side bangs and LOVE them!
I'm sure when, but I think Thrusday, I'm going to get red streaks dyed into my hair (Yay!) and I want to get my bangs a different color. But I'm not sure what. Please vote on the poll that will be on the side when you look.

If I get a chance, I'll post a poem later.

My aunt's dogs, Ruby and Hank, say "Woof!" Which is their dog speak for, "Please rub my tummy, give me treats, and hi everyone!" Remeber, that was just a rough translation.

Cheerio from a different time zone than normal, peeps!

P.S. I'm doing very well with my 100 book challenge. Right now I'm reading a book called Beautiful Creatures by two authors and it's very interesting. But it's also pretty long, so it's taking me a while. But I'll most likely finish it this afternoon.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Because I'm a Strange Person

I've made an award! It's so weird. Don't even ask.

So now! The requirements!
Post the weirdest picture you have ever seen or taken (Preferably taken.) and answer these questions:
Have you ever used Photoshop?
Have you ever wanted to kill your camera because you couldn't get the perfect picture?
Have you ever taken a picture from the top of a very steep hill or a cliff?

The reason I ask all these is because this is quite possibly the strangest picture I have ever taken. The deer's eyes are FREAKIN' GLOWING!!

And then you have to nominate 8 people (Or as close as you can get to that number).
I nominate:

Jessica(Infublo) of What Really Happened,
The Clumsy Reader(Christine Reynolds) of The Clumsy Reader,
greenpanda of greenpanda666,
Pearl (a.k.a. Candy) of Confessions of A Candyhol!c,
And last but not least,
Mickey Rich of A Wallflower Words.

So that's it for now. Maybe I should try to go to sleep now...

G'night everyone who isn't in the same time zone as me!

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

An Envelope and a Stone

A little white stone.
A little white envelope.

"Good-bye," she whispers.
A smile graces his face.

Tears fall on the freshly turned earth.
Tears fall on paper that is bringing the news.

One of them has left us.
One has returned.

I don't know. Don't ask. Just a strange poem.

Cheerio, peeps.

I'm Coming Along

Well, my 100 book reading challenge started officially Thursday night, even though I said it would start on Friday.
If you are insulted, sue me. *Snort* Like that's gonna happen!
(1 month later: *Find plain brown envelope in mail. I open it.* I'm being sued for WHAT?!?!)

Sorry. Had to say it!!

Sorry again...
I'm a little tired.

The books!
I've read 5 books already.
Right now I'm reading The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett as my main book.
I'm almost done with Chicks Dig Time Lords, which is a compilation of essay things and some interviews(YAY!!).
And I'm STILL reading the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. It's pretty good, I'm just having trouble getting back into it. I loved the beginning but then it got a little whatev-ish. Oh well. I'll finish it eventually.
Next I'm going to read The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer. I don't know why I never read the Artemis Fowl books before. I guess I just wasn't interested....
But I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Artemis Fowl!!!! I L-O-V-E him!!!
And Butler too!
I know he's technically considered the bad guy a lot, but I like him even more than the fairies! Even Foaly, although it comes close.

At the Library (Yes, I cap Library. Didn't you know it was a gift from God?!) I have a few books on hold:
Quiver by Stephanie Spinner
Quicksilver by Stephanie Spinner
The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
and a manga.

I'm also going to read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner sometime soon. And I REALLY want The Necromancer by Michael Scott. I love that series!

And this video is really funny!
And the song's great too.

He makes funny videos.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Since we're pretty much done with all our classes at school, 'cuz it's done FINALLY on Friday, we've been watching movies. In RS we're watching Fiddler on the Roof and in English we watched Grammer Rock.

So, in Fiddler on the Roof there is a strange zombie dream.

Strange zombie dance......

This song was stuck in my head ALL day yesterday!!!!

Yeah. I'm weird.

In English today our teacher read us a whole bunch of hilarious stuff that his former students had emailed him.

My favorites:

In China, people thought that "Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead." FUNNY!!!

And, the letter from the grave:

A man sends his wife an email. Unable to find where he wrote her email down, he guesses it. He only gets it wrong by one letter!
Meanwhile, a widow of a minister returns home from his funeral to check her email. She sees this letter and faints;

To: My loving wife
Subject: I've arrived
Date: November 18, 2004
I know you're surprised to hear from me. They have computers here now and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved ones. I've just arrived and have checked in. I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you then. Hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was.
(L-O-V-E this part!!!!!!)
P.S. It's freaking hot down here.



Read more here.

Poor lady, and poor guy. He must have been so embarrassed when he found out his wife didn't get the email. Wonder when he found out who he sent it to.....
(Evil grin of enjoyment.)

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

What's in a Name?

I have many names,
and yet only one.

My name is known to all,
yet myself alone.

My name was forgotten,
removed from all around.
My name is known as many things,
by people all over everywhere.

My name means nothing,
to anyone but me.

For to me,
my name means...

But if I were to tell you,
how could I say it only meant that to me?

Indeed... It's a pretty cool book idea, I have to say. Kinda creepy, too.
There a 15-year-old assassin. It's futuristic, pretty easy to tell.

Cheerio, peeps.

Chicks Truly Do Dig Time Lords

I went to the book signing of Chicks Dig Time Lords this afternoon. I met the editors and three of the people who wrote in it.
I met John Barrowman's (Captain Jack Harkness) big sister. She, along with the other four, signed my book to me. And then I ended up telling them I'm writing a trilogy. They thought that was really cool.
And she thinks I should go to the college she teaches at, and almost inevitably learn from her.
HOW COOL IS THAT??!?!!?!?!?!?!?


I am a true, die-hard, Doctor Who fan-girl. Or, as they called it, the new way I will call it, a "Squea-girl."

DW Squea-girl over and out.

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Gigantic Picture Post

The names will be in all caps above the picture, descriptions will be below.
Thank you.


It's a sign on my door.
No, my door isn't that color, it just looks cool that way.

A cool photoshop of a sign on my closet door.

I just had some change lying around. It's a cool pic, you gotta admit.
Also a creepy title.
Short story, anyone?

Just the invert of image below.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I took this.
Actually, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I took any of these...
It was kind of 11:30 about two weeks ago...

A bad pic of the sign on my closet.

TIME CRASH (1920/2010)
FUNNY video. Posted at bottom.

Cool invert of below.

My fav hat, my American flag dog tag necklace, and my rainbow sequin shoe!

Bad picture...

Cool version of the sign close-up.


My handful of change, golden hat, and favorite fake pearls.
I know I have real pearls somewhere, but I love my fakes!

This is an interesting one. I have my great-grandmother's pocket watch necklace, which is mine now, my fake pearls, and pretty porcelain box.
Something about this picture distinctly reminds me of the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Doctor Who-Time Crash:

LOVED David Tennant!! Still think he's BRILLIANT!!! Gotta see the BBC Hamlet with him! My favs!!! Shakespeare and David Tennant!!!!!
And now I ADORE Matt Smith! He is HILARIOUS!!!!! And Infublo agrees!!!!
But Matt Smith's so cute!! He's not cute, like crush cute, but little brother cute. And in the beginning you might think he's kinda odd looking, but watch 2 minutes and I GUARANTEE you will love him! And he keeps growing on you! He's amazing!

Possibly more picture tomorrow.

Cheerio, peeps!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

100 Books in a Summer

This summer I am going to read 100 books!

My goal officially starts June 11th. What ever book I'm reading at the time will be counted into that goal, even if I started it earlier.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free!
On Shelfari I started a group for anyone who wants to join in with my goal!
I highly suggest it!

My some of my Shelfari books are on a shelf at the bottom of the page.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. 5 more days of learning left!


Papers rustle.
Keys tap.
Mice click.
The teacher passes.

Eyes dart.
Hands shake.
The teacher stares
and watches.

We're not cheating.
We're just being helpful!
The teacher doesn't believe us.

No. I have never cheated on a test in my life! I'm just bored right now. And I shouldn't be on here anyway...
I'm a bad student!

What ever...

I'll post some more tonight, I PROMISE!!!

Ahh! Teacher coming!! Bye!

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I just caught up on all my sleep for about two weeks last night.

Memorial Day on Monday so... NO SCHOOL!!!!

I'm reading a book called Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, and I MET her! She came and did a reading nearby, so I went! She gave me some writing tips and signed my book!
How awesome is that?!?!
Anyway, I got another award, this time from EleanorLight, so yay! And I got it WEEKS ago, so I need to work 0n my procrastination problem...
I'm supposed to nominate about six people.... Hmm...

Jessica (Infublo) at What Really Happened,
greenpanda at greenpanda666,

And even though it took me FOREVER to finally read it, Artemis Fowl is AMAZING!!!
Love him!
Sorry Fairies! Artemis and Butler shall rule the world!! Muwahahaha!!!!

And Letters to Juliet... One of the best movies EVER!!!!! I LOVED it!!! I saw it last night with Infublo.

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Proud to be a Mountain Peak!

I have a new blog!!!
It's called Proud to be a Geek at
I'm special! I KNOW!!! Infublo's rubbing off on me!
Her new blog is here, What Really Happened.

And I'm SO sorry! I SWEAR I'll post something new this weekend, and I'll put a bunch of photos up on to the new page! Things have been so freakin' hectic, though. Sorry!

Eight days till school's out!!

Cheerio, peeps!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"Girlfriend kidnapped by ninjas. Need money for ransom and kung-fu lessons!"

yo. im ba-ack!!! so, the title was this sign that we saw as we strolled down the streets of this lovely city of Chicago. This is still Infublo btw, just in case u couldn't tell by the writing. Our day started out with a wonderful breakfast of chocolate filled bread, apples, and pickles (no we're not strange. well... maybe i am, but don't blame Ariella- i started it). After that, we went to go look around the city and make our way to the John Hancock building. It's got a great view of the city and was like empty today. Except for a high school group of about 200, we were some of the only people in the observatory thingamaboder at the top of the building. The elevator to get up there sucks out loud! It's cramped, small, and claustrophobia inducing. Then when we left, we went to go make our way to the aquarium. Unfortunately some of us have ADHLAS, thank you to my friend James for telling me that I have this disease. It means attention deficit- hey look a squirrel! So, we went through Millennium Park to get to the aquarium. They have these awesome fountains in the middle of the park that squirt water after showing these faces that smile, frown, and eventually spit at u. I wanted to run thru them and so we did (see the post before for what we did). I started a trend, then got ALL wet!!!!! I was sopping wet by the time that we left. When we finally got to the aquarium we were ready to go. But, we stayed and watched a very strange show with a little girl wearing this HUGE locked that was supposed to give her like magical powers or whatever. Then we looked at cute little sea animals and acted like 5 year olds- not so much Ariella, but very much me! :-D i love acting WAAAAY younger than i am, especially when i look so much older than i am. Later we got ice cream- this was strictly for homework purposes! We actually got homework from one of our teachers to go get ice cream. So, i did what i do with absolutely every homework assignment from this teacher- twist it so that it's extremely fun (see the post about tofu (long story)). I ate my ice cream all right. But to do that, i ate the bottom of the cone first and ate my way up instead of down. Then i ate the front part of the cone, and sorta scooped out the ice cream- weird visual im sure but that was sort of what i did. After the ice cream, we went across the street to go to the Hershey's store. Now we have lots of candy and the hope that we will be asleep before 3am is in vain for we shall not be able to sleep at ALL! dinner was normal then we came back to the hotel-condo rental place where we're staying. Now im posting- btw i'm gonna create a blog soon- please follow me! Ariella and i r thinking of calling it What Really Happened and using my insane knowledge of the creation of many everyday objects contrary to what the government is trying to teach us. I know the truth and shall shed the light of it unto u if u will please follow me. first post will be about the refrigerator- the knowledge shone on me during dinner tonite and now i know the truth- and u shall find out soon!

Infublo here

Yo. MWAHAHAHAH!!!!! uh... u didn't just read that did u? cuz if u did id be happy to go get a ninja hired to make sure that no one ever finds out about it, and id HATE to have to do THAT!.... so anyway, ariella and i r in Chicago, the windy city, though Milwaukee is exactly the same! im just a teensy bit hyper right now, seeing as we just had a LOT of ice cream. we went thru some fountains earlier, and i got ALL wet!!!! and i started a trend of people going thru the fountain. ariella and i were the first to go thru. actually i was the first since ariella didn't really want to go and then a whole bunch of high schoolers went in after me, thinking that i was a high schooler. i guess i don't really look a whole lot like a 13 year old tho.... ive been assumed to be anywhere from 14 to 19..... ya so, READ MAXIMUM RIDE!!!!! Fang is my soulmate, he's one of the main characters. ive also decided that L from Death Note is my soulmate too.... so i have one live and one dead soulmate. i think im doing purty dang well!!!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Plastic Knives

Picture from:
I do not like plastic knives.
The point of knives are that they should be able to cut things that forks are unable to cut through.
How is that supposed to happen when the fork is sturdier than the knife?

My rants are small.

And Michelle has a REALLY cool blog now. Mostly all poetry.
And her profile pic is really good.
PLEASE follow her! She needs followers and right now I'm the only one following her.

And I get to learn how to play guitar now!!! So happy!
My mom'll start to teach me, then I'll begin real lessons over the summer.
If anyone has any good ideas on what I should play once I get good, I'm all ears.
(NO, Infublo, not literally. It means that I want to know everyone's ideas.)

The Orange

Picture from:

I throw the brightly colored fruit up into the air and then catch it again.

In the blistering heat of the day, leaning under the shade of the tree is pure bliss.

I bounce the fruit in my hand again.

The tree grows next to my parent’s cliché, our white picket fence.

I lean my head back to rest upon the rough bark of the giant old oak and think of absolutely nothing.

Pure bliss.

I suddenly sit up. I hear the screech of tires against the newly laid asphalt of our road. Through my widening brown eyes I see the top of a big red truck, coming up fast toward me, just behind the picket fence.

I have no time to run. My throat is swollen silently shut; I cannot scream.

The truck crashes through the fence, the tires squealing with their owner’s attempts to break.

I am flung back by a piece of the fence, now reduced to shrapnel by this big truck. The tree trunk stops the truck in its tracks. Now it lays silent and it is hard to imagine it was the creature responsible for the squeals and crashes.

A silent man droops in the driver’s seat. Was it really he who drove this beast?

I see a small circle at the feet, the tires, of the beast. I crawl toward it.

My orange.

Once the symbol of bliss to me, now the symbol of tragedy.

Weird story.

What do you think?

The Silent Child

One word in a year,
yet not once did she move her lips.

Two words in a month,
but never did her mouth move.

Three words in a week,
though she never opened her mouth.

Four words in a day,
but not a sound did she make.

Five words in an hour,
but she never took a breath.

Six words in a minute,
yet she was never looked upon.

One thousand words in a second,
but never was she heard.

And never she was heard,
till one day someone decided to listen.

I came up with this poem last night when I was SUPER bored. I might put it at the beginning of my ghost story, because it reminds me of the ghost.

The picture was taken in Paris, my first day there. It was kinda rainy.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I'll finish part 4 eventually. I guess I'm just being lazy, but I dunno if I can really say that, cuz I just wrote an outline of the last half of my book, which will be super action packed-

More poetry, and a quote I made. And my proverb.

Love You, Too-

Me: Once upon a time...
You: I love you, too.
Me: I didn't say that.
You: Were you going to?
Me: Maybe.
You: Continue.
Me: Once upon a time...
You said you loved me.
And I told you that's what I thought about you.
I <3 U.

White as Snow-

What is whiter than snow,
but blacker than death?

What is red as a rose,
but blue as a tear?


"But not all stories that start with 'once upon a time' end with happily ever after."

And from reading all this you'd probably never guess that I've actually (And I'm dead serious here.) only had two crushes in my entire life.

I wrote all that down last night in a cool way, so I'll try to post a picture of the paper some time this weekend, or something.

Fay's teaching me Russian! It's so cool!

Anthony Hill-

Ten Seconds-
This might be my new favorite song.
I'll post my other favs.

Gone One-
I'm waiting for this to be on iTunes...

I love this song!
On if you search Anthony Hill you can find it for free.

Speaking of free music...
There's this site called, and they record lots of indie artists live and acoustic and you can download them for free.
Examples: This Providence, Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, Kate Walsh.
(I didn't choose anyone special (Except for This Providence and Death Cab for Cutie. I LOVE them!) I just went through some artists I've downloaded from them.)

I'll keep working on anything writing related for the next few days.

Cheerio, peeps!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

No, no, no! The roads are not closed because Obama is in town, the roads are closed because a BOMB WAS FOUND!

Had to say it.
When that bomb was found in Time Square one of my friends from school was in NYC. Didn't know what was happening at the time, but you know....
And also the confirmation class from Sunday school was in NYC. They had just seen a play and the person they were supposed to meet made the mistake shown on the title.
Little bit of a difference, don't you think?

So, not much new...
I got Strep yesterday, so I guess I got to stay home...

And Fay gave me a new idea for a book. I've lately been a little fascinated with fallen angels, so perfect time to use it. But I won't say anymore.

There's a break in the middle of the week soon, so Infublo, Fay, my mom, and I are gonna go on a trip! Yay!

When I get a chance I'll post more of Cliche.

Cheerio, peeps.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Soundtrack to My Life

Thanks, Cranberry!
Today she posted this cool thing called Soundtrack to My Life, as if it was a movie or something. It was really cool, so I tried it.

RULES: Put your iPod on shuffle and don't skip songs. Write the songs down in the order they play.
Here's what I got, plus a YouTube video of the music, if I can find one. And my commentary on the song relating to the event.

Opening Credits: The Lovecats by The Cure
This song kind of works. It depends on what part they'd play it at.

Waking Up: Help, I'm Alive by Metric
All I have to say is: Hahahaha...

First Day of School: Brain Stew by Green Day
This one works pretty well. I'm happy with this song.
(The sound isn't so great on this video, but it's the best I could find.)

Falling in Love: Open Wounds by Skillet
WTF??!?!?!?!!!?? This song is for BREAKING UP!

Fighting: Middle of the Night by Sherwood
I guess this one would probably work if the other person was cheating, or something.

Breaking Up: Holiday (Demo Version) by Valencia
This one is okay. Depending on what part they'd play it at, it would work.

Driving: Eighty Steps Away by The Good Listeners
This one works nicely. It talks a lot about going places. (And the only reason I got it was because it was free on iTunes one week.)

Flashback: Fell in Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack
Haha. Good one. Depending on the flashback.

Getting Back Together: Liars and Battlelines by Rookie of the Year
I don't know if this one works so great. It might work better for fighting, but whatev.

Prom Night: You Found Me by The Fray
I found the slow dance song!

Wedding (Skips a lot, doesn't it?): Set Apart This Dream by Flyleaf
I actually think this is a good one for this. It talks a lot about dreams and stuff, so when you're happy enough it can fell like you're in a dream. Although, it's actually a kind of depressing song if you really read into the lyrics, like Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables, but let's not think about that, shall we?

Birth of a Child: Weathered by The Dangerous Summer
I'm not gonna comment on this song.

Final Battle: Top of the World by All-American Rejects
WTF?!?! Unless... Nope. It just doesn't work. Unless they're beat by the "king that we put up there."

Death Scene: Dressed to Kill by Love is a Story
OMF. What the freak?! THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

Funeral: Soldier's Poem by Muse
I this works pretty well. It would actually work better for the death scene, but I dunno.
Love Muse.

End Credits: Surfaced by The Dangerous Summer
This works PERFECTLY for an ending credits song!

So, in summary, I am thinking I do not want most of these songs as the soundtrack for my life. But Surfaced is probably at the top of the list, if I had to choose some.

Cheerio, peeps!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Part 3

Part 3-Friendly

(Audrey Evans)

London was dark and damp. Not quite the best, after Australia, but it wasn't so bad. But nowhere could be as good as home.
But that might just be sentimental, old, me.
So, what ever I was expecting at the conference, I was definitely not expecting to meet the greatest author in the universe. Thalia Eve Cullen. So awesome.
And I definitely wasn't expecting what she said next, after I told her what I thought; "Thank you. And I've played some of your music. I think it may be my favorite to play."
How was I supposed to know she knew I was a composer?
"How d'you know my stuff?"
She smiled. "I've played piano since I was 2 or 3. It's not that hard to pick it up around here. It started coming out when I was 5. Does that mean that you started writing when you were 4?"
"How did you know that?!"
"Simple. You look about 13. I'm 14. If you're a year younger that would make you 4 when all your major works began coming out."
"They don't call you psychic for nothin'..."
Thalia Eve sighed. "I know..."
Before I could ask what was up a superbly amazingly hot guy walked by. He woulda stood out in just about any crowd (Except for one of male models...) but this crowd it was just sad. Way too many of them looked like your average geek. 'Cept they were even a heck of a lot smarter than even those idiots. Although I guess I stood out too... But I guess it isn't so bad, being an albino...
Thalia Eve was staring too.

That was Audrey. I dunno who'll narrate next, but they'll meet up with Zachary soon. Jack might take a little while to introduce.
Sorry, no description will be given at this time. If you want one, chose your fav male, fictional or non character and think about them being an artist with a British accent.

Today was INSANE!
At lunch everyone in my grade got a sugar rush, so were bouncing off walls during study hall. And the tornado drill didn't help much...
In cooking we made puppy chow and ate cookies we made on Tuesday, but didn't have time to bake then. Lauren, one of my friends, also in cooking, went a little over board with the powdered sugar, which was her job to put on... It was all white when we were done.

After school I went to hang out with Fay, and then we found Infublo over at the J, which is what I will now call the place I tend to hang out at after school, or the community center, which is across the parking lot from my school.
So,a anyway, we met up with Infublo, and her nutter friend, James. He's crazier than her, which is sad...
Fay was hitting him for no good reason and Infublo was hitting Fay in defense of James and James was trying to do his homework, and so was I, except I kept on laughing too hard...
Needless to say, we were kicked out of the library we were in at the time...

So, yeah. Today was beneficial. Yesterday was really hard, but I won't be saying anything about that. However;
Cranberry, I am still going on with my blogs, thanks.

If any of you read her blog, then you'll know what's up...

Cheerio and good night, peeps!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Part 2

Part 2-Conferences

(Thalia Eve Cullen)

Conferences are boring. Forget super smart people liking things "normal" people find boring. Trust me. They are SO just as boring to us. But I went. I guess it wouldn't be that bad to meet more people like me.
I have a weird problem. I know people don't believe me, but I think that my genius is just a problem with my head. I'm practically psychic, for God's sake. How is that not a PROBLEM?! Sure its made me rich and famous, but I could do gladly with out it.
And now this letter. From Sir Henry Edward Kniles, III. With his fancy Ph.D. Honestly? With all that trite nonsense. "We gladly invite you to a conference of children with special talent's similar to your own, or with other..." Boring.
It was just so pitiful.
They weren't really even "inviting" me anyways. They were telling me to come or else.
But I went. My mum left me at the appointed building and I went in alone, my letter as my security pass. Outside of some doors that obviously led to a conference room, 5o or so other kids, almost all under 15, were mulling around, each one a varying degree of a geek. Some looked extremely normal, while others were...a sad stereotype. I hate stereotypes.
A girl, about 13, only a year younger than me, stood waiting patiently by the door. She had on earphones and seemed lost in her own world, her fingers playing piano in the air. It would be an unremarkable scene except for two things. 1) She played the keys with remarkable accuracy (I had taken piano for years now. I knew the keys.) and 2) she was an albino.
Her skin was completely white, as was her hair. Her eyes were red, but there was something about them that made them not sinister or even particularly disturbing. They just were.
I went to talk with her. Once I forced through the crowd I tapped the girl on the shoulder and she pulled out one earphone.
"Hello. I'm Thalia Eve Cullen. What's your name?" I held out my hand to shake hers.
She smiled and took my hand. "I'm Audrey Evans. I think your books are brilliant," said Audrey, in an Australian accent.
"Thank you. And I've played some of your music," I told the composer. "I think it has been my favorite to play."

And that was Thalia Eve. She doesn't talk much. Audrey's narration is up next. When she's not playing music you can't shut her up.

I got an other award!!!!! It's on the side. I'm kind of fuzzy on the rules of this one, but I think the nomination is anyone and you have to write about 10 things you like.

I nominate...

1. England. I want to live there. Enough said.

2. Books. I don't need to explain that one either.

3. Writing. I want to be an author. A lot of the time it's easier for me to talk on paper than with words.

4. Doctor Who. THE BEST EVER TV SHOW!!!!!!!!! <3 the Doctor!!!!! (The new season premier is tonight!!!! Matt Smith is gonna be SO funny!!!)

5. Detective shows. They rock. 'Nuff said. Although I think I've watched too many 'cuz I usually figure out who did it before the show's half over.

6. Macs. I have a Mac laptop. They're the best. Best present I ever got. Especially for my Bat Mitzvah.

7. Death Note. THE BEST MANGA EVER WRITTEN. And that is a fact.

8. Libraries. When they actually get my book when I put it on hold. (I've been waiting for 3 or 4 weeks for some Death Note books.)

9. Free time. No explanation needed.

10. All my lovely followers. Especially the ones who give me awards. ;-)

And I just read a really great Bones fan fic, called The Skull that was Bones.

Cheerio, peeps!


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