Monday, 9 August 2010


Yes, I did just call this post shoes.

But that is because I'll be making my own! :-D
When we were on our road trip, we went to Toronto. And in Toronto is one of the coolest museums ever. It's all about the history of shoes. So I got this REALLY, REALLY awesome book about people making designs on their own shoes and stuff.
As a birthday present to myself, I've decided to make a pair.
Today my mom and I are going to some craft stores to buy the stuff I'll need. And then later today, or sometime this week, we'll go find a pair of white Converse, and I'll possibly buy some different color laces, because just white would be boring!
And I'll wear them FOREVER! :-)
I'm also hoping that at school, people will like them. Maybe I can get some money out of it...?
I won't count on it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
It might work better when I'm in high school, though.
But I'm starting to need the money... O.O

Once I'm done, I'll post pictures, but I'll give you my ideas right now.

Right shoe: Kind of piratey/Goth/punk. (Yes, I DO mean pirates. They ROCK and invented the original skull and crossed bones, which will be on it.) There'll be music notes and lots of black and skulls and some cool stuff like that.

Left shoe: The other one is sort of fairy tale like. It will, of course, be minimal pink. I don't really like pink much... But there'll be purple and some flower doodles and some trees, maybe a crown. BUT the words 'once upon a time' will be on it, because they rock! :-)

Ooooh!!! Good idea!!!! I am brilliant! LOL.
Because I love to write, the other shoe will be central around 'it was a dark and stormy night!'
I am so smart!!!!!!
They will be the ultimate teen, punk, author shoes!
And they will be MINE!! ALL MINE!!!

LOL! :-D

I'm happy, and, for no reason I can think of, slightly hyper!

Some time in September, I'm going to have a pre-Halloween party, with monster movies. Dracula and possibly Frankenstein, and MAYBE even Young Frankenstein.
My parents have some friends with this really big, blow up movie screen, that makes it sorta like a drive-in movie theater, so that is AWESOME. Gotta love the classics.
And for Halloween itself, even though it's on a Sunday, I'll invite some people over for a double sleep over. We can stay up really late on Saturday, and then we'll be tired after walking around all Sunday night, so we'll sleep, and then go to school in the morning.
Perfect plan!

My neighborhood ROCKS because Trick-Or-Treating is ALWAYS on Halloween NIGHT!!!
Most places just go on a weekend afternoon. We are so cool!

I ♥ Halloween!

And I am so hyper!

12 days until my birthday!

Tomorrow, I'm trying out for some plays with a monologue I wrote and "No Good Deed" from Wicked, which I saw last Wednesday for the THRID time. And I L-O-V-E it!!!!

I'm starting at 'What good is this chanting...' and end with the chorus, which is really fun to sing.
The monologue is from a previous camp, about a vampire with some problems controlling her charge, Benedict.
If I get published, look out for the second book! You'll meet Illiana and Benedict then!

Well, that's pretty much everything, then...

Cheerio, peeps!

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