Saturday, 30 January 2010


So, yeah. Now it's the weekend.
Today class was so awful! (My Shakespeare class, that is.) Brian, our teacher, the GOOD teacher, wasn't there, for perfectly legitimate reasons, but still... So we had a sub. It was NOT fun.

Nothing new, I don't think...
Oh! My camera was so evil. When I was in Paris over winter break it died, except it started to die earlier than I thought it did! When we went to the opera house (the Phantom of the Opera one) it messed up all the pictures!!!!!! >:-( I'm so MAD!!!!!!!!! Phantom is the BEST!!!!!!

For English our journal this week was to write a story about this picture(sorry it's sideways), using at least 5 sentence openers, since we just did a unit on those. Did I write in my opener from the test? I don't think I did.

For the last question on the test we were supposed to write the longest opener we could think of. Mine was 47 words.
Making the most awful sound, rustling through the leafless trees, to fly though the busted window panes by the front door, to rip at our clothes, tear at our hair, making the portraits of the dead that hung on the walls look even creepier, the wind howled.
That's just a little description that I might play with for my book.

Cheerio, peeps.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We're finally done with the play. I'm kinda sad, but at least now I can actually go to sleep at night, instead of perform and doing homework. Now it's just homework.
I've done more work with forensics, and it's coming along well.
And etc, etc, etc.
You really don't care, do you.
Yeah, whatever.

Today during study hall, Infublo and I were IMing on Gmail. It was funny. And I STILL got all my homework done!!!
And the Tanach is really disturbing, but that's kind of beside the point.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. On Monday, just before the performance, my dress broke. Originally, the costume didn't fit all that well, so I'd need someone to help with the zipper. However, it wasn't going up. So I had three people trying to pull it up. Finally it went up, but it didn't actually zip. So we got someone to try and fix it. Eventually, I just got to wear this cool, dark green cape thing.
Then, yesterday, I just wore a green t-shirt and green tights with the cape over it.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

??? What is up?!?! ???

Black is night.
White is day.

A light in the dark,
will shine a long way.

The color of dark,
and the color of light.

Forever apart.
But together unite.
Make the pattern of life.
To be or to die.


Cheerio, peeps.


I really need a better memory.

Hello new follower! I have now caught up to the amount on my other blog.
Really, I'm so stupid. I just looked to see. And I could've sworn they weren't there this morning...
Were you?

Sorry. So stupid...
Cheerio(again), peeps!

50 posts

Yay! I've got 50 posts!
(Well, 51, actually...)
Now I'm just waiting for 250 on my other blog...

Let's see...
I had another showing of the play today, my parents came. Then my mom had to go to D.C. on business.
Today I was so bored. I watched Psych, Doctor Who, Bones, and part of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. To see if I liked it, I wanted to start watching part of the BBC show Demons, but my dad made me turn the TV off.
I'm almost done with chapter 6 in my book. (FINALLY!!!!!!) And I think that's about it...
Oh! I got a new toy. Since my camera died over winter break, when I was in Paris, I finally got a new one yesterday. I need to start playing with it. And I need to upload and fix up, in photo shop, my vacation photos. Even though they'll mostly end up on the other blog, I'll add some, and link the rest.
I even want to change the picture behind my other blog's title to some properly British red phone booths. (Although I wouldn't object to photographing and adding a little blue police box... ;-])

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 22 January 2010

My Comrade-In-Arms (or Contradiction)

You scream a lie,
you whisper the truth.

At dusk you sleep,
at dawn you rise.

In day you ponder,
in night you play.

For me you breath,
for you you die.

As a ghost you return,
as a shadow you lied.

And now,
my friend,
my comrade-in-arms,
to you I say,

Interesting poem. Just some more randomness. It's actually decent. Definitely getting better...

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. I need to decide the name. My Comrade-In-Arms, or Contradiction, as I originally meant it to be titled.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Our hard work has paid off!!! Tomorrow there will be two showings of the play.
God I hate my costume.
Then there'll be a show on Sunday, then on Monday... Then again on Tuesday. Then we're done. (I hope.)
Tomorrow is a half day, so my mom is gonna take me and Infublo to lunch. (I think that was bad grammar... I hope my English teacher(s) doesn't (won't) read that.)

What ever...

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. We had a really long(and easy) math test today.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh! Almost forgot...
In PE we've been doing Lacrosse, and that is not very fun...
I was paired with Infublo for practice and she kept hitting the window, making all these bangs. Really scary when it's above your head.

But anyway. A few weeks ago, I think before break, Mr. PE was just standing in his office, eating peanut butter out of this HUGE jar. And someone got hurt, and we were trying to talk to him, and stuff, and he was just nodding and not paying attention, and eating his peanut butter. It was kinda funny.

Cheerio, peeps!


Hooray! It's finally the weekend.

This week I had an English test, a lit test, and two FL tests... Just today were one FL test and the lit test...


Oh, and hello! To my two new followers. I didn't see when you guys came on.

Today we finished off the business letters that we had started on... I think Tuesday..?
Mine was to the Doctor Who, BBC team. <3

And I was also sick on Wednesday. Didn't miss much.

On Monday our grade has a Bat Mitzvah, so no school. On Friday we have the first showings of the play, so next week I won't have much time, cuz I'll get home so late from practice. Since Friday is a half-day (Don't remember why.) I won't really go to class, because we're doing at least three showings, and it's almost an hour.

On Sunday I'm sleeping over at Infublo's house, so she can take me to the Bat Mitzvah, so I'll try and have her post.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. We've been talking about how awesome it would be to have one of my book characters, Thanatos Whispers, or James Ward (His human name.) come to our school. He'd be so fun! Even though admittedly he'd pretty much live off in his own little world, he's the god of the DEAD! It would just be cool. And it'd be kinda funny to have a kid with colonial style hair coming to our school. (Complete with hair ribbon tying it back... ;-P)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More poems

I will find you,
you must let me go.
I will find you,
And I'll make it known.

I will be there,
even though it pains.
I will be there,
please don't make it rain.

I must leave,
you can't stop me.
I must leave,
it's the only thing that can be.

I will return,
through the haze.
I will return,
through your maze.

yah, i sorta got bored in math class and was letting my mind wander when out of nowhere BAM!!! it just came into my head, so I wrote it down.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Igpay Atinlay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Odaytay asway indkay ofway oringbay. Afterway oolschay infubloway andway Iway unghay outway orfay away itbay illtay ymay ommay amecay otay etgay emay. Eway ereway omingcay upway ithway omesay unnyfay oriesstay orfay ymay aracterschay otay oday. Ere'sthay away aracterchay asedbay offway erhay, osay atthay asway eallyray un.
Overfay ethay eekendway Iway adhay ymay itingwray assclay, ichwhay asway ettypray unfay. omesay otherway eoplepay oughtthay Iway ouldshay ombinecay omesay ofway ethay aracterschay! Iway asway insultedway.

Avehay unfay ingtryay otay igurefay isthay outway! that's ay allway orfay ow. Happynay igpay atin!

cheeriolay, eepspay!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fingers On the Glass, A Mirror On the Wall

Fingers on the glass,
A mirror on the wall.
A demon in the pencil box,
Trying not to fall.
Keep a cover on the pot,
But don't delay or stall.
Keep your fingers on the glass,
A mirror on the wall.

I dunno where it came from. I was just thinking about this poem I read earlier, and then the above popped into my head.
Infublo's been writing some amazing poetry as well. I might beg her to post a piece of one, but I doubt she'll let me. I know of a few that, for sure, won't be allowed.
But I'm surprised at myself. I can't usually rhyme to save my life, but, even though it's nonsensical, it's quite good.
Weird day's at school this week. Sorry I couldn't post, tons of homework.

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. Saw the last Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant. Loved 'em. The new Doctor is gonna rock.
For English we have to write business letters and I want to send mine to the Doctor Who BBC people, but I can't find their snail mail address.
I had my first forensics practice today, did pretty awful. And I thought I didn't need to practice that much because I WROTE the piece myself!


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