Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We're finally done with the play. I'm kinda sad, but at least now I can actually go to sleep at night, instead of perform and doing homework. Now it's just homework.
I've done more work with forensics, and it's coming along well.
And etc, etc, etc.
You really don't care, do you.
Yeah, whatever.

Today during study hall, Infublo and I were IMing on Gmail. It was funny. And I STILL got all my homework done!!!
And the Tanach is really disturbing, but that's kind of beside the point.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. On Monday, just before the performance, my dress broke. Originally, the costume didn't fit all that well, so I'd need someone to help with the zipper. However, it wasn't going up. So I had three people trying to pull it up. Finally it went up, but it didn't actually zip. So we got someone to try and fix it. Eventually, I just got to wear this cool, dark green cape thing.
Then, yesterday, I just wore a green t-shirt and green tights with the cape over it.


  1. Ha! So it turned out all the better for you! Excellent!

  2. haha nice...

    ohh we have forensics at my school... I hear it's really cool :D

  3. Yeah, forensics is fun.

    And yep, I loved the new costume.



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