Friday, 22 January 2010

My Comrade-In-Arms (or Contradiction)

You scream a lie,
you whisper the truth.

At dusk you sleep,
at dawn you rise.

In day you ponder,
in night you play.

For me you breath,
for you you die.

As a ghost you return,
as a shadow you lied.

And now,
my friend,
my comrade-in-arms,
to you I say,

Interesting poem. Just some more randomness. It's actually decent. Definitely getting better...

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. I need to decide the name. My Comrade-In-Arms, or Contradiction, as I originally meant it to be titled.


  1. Wow! You guys do a lot of showings. We only do two at my school.

  2. so awesome! i came up with another one yesterday during class but it was just way too terrible to save so it went on a little one way trip to the grabagio!



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