Friday, 15 January 2010


Hooray! It's finally the weekend.

This week I had an English test, a lit test, and two FL tests... Just today were one FL test and the lit test...


Oh, and hello! To my two new followers. I didn't see when you guys came on.

Today we finished off the business letters that we had started on... I think Tuesday..?
Mine was to the Doctor Who, BBC team. <3

And I was also sick on Wednesday. Didn't miss much.

On Monday our grade has a Bat Mitzvah, so no school. On Friday we have the first showings of the play, so next week I won't have much time, cuz I'll get home so late from practice. Since Friday is a half-day (Don't remember why.) I won't really go to class, because we're doing at least three showings, and it's almost an hour.

On Sunday I'm sleeping over at Infublo's house, so she can take me to the Bat Mitzvah, so I'll try and have her post.

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. We've been talking about how awesome it would be to have one of my book characters, Thanatos Whispers, or James Ward (His human name.) come to our school. He'd be so fun! Even though admittedly he'd pretty much live off in his own little world, he's the god of the DEAD! It would just be cool. And it'd be kinda funny to have a kid with colonial style hair coming to our school. (Complete with hair ribbon tying it back... ;-P)

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