Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Genius Book Reading lists

Hello, all.
I am not dead.
Or a zombie.
Or a vampire. (Although that would be cool.)
Or a ghosts.
Or any other supernatural dead/undead creature.

I've just been zoned out. I'm sorry I ignored you! :'(

Anyway, I got a deviantArt account!! :D
Also check out Infublo and my Shelfari friend Daria.

Well, what's new... Been living on Shelfari. Reading a bunch of cool new books.
Probably my last post for another while, before I go out of the country for two weeks.
It's with school, so I think I can post a link to our blog... See if you can spot my posts! (If it doesn't need a password.)

So, you know how iTunes has Genius to make playlists and suggest songs?
I want to do that with books.
EX: If you like this book, then you should read these books!
You know, right?

When I post some you'll get the hang of it.
All for now.

Cheerio, peeps!


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