Thursday, 22 April 2010

Part 3

Part 3-Friendly

(Audrey Evans)

London was dark and damp. Not quite the best, after Australia, but it wasn't so bad. But nowhere could be as good as home.
But that might just be sentimental, old, me.
So, what ever I was expecting at the conference, I was definitely not expecting to meet the greatest author in the universe. Thalia Eve Cullen. So awesome.
And I definitely wasn't expecting what she said next, after I told her what I thought; "Thank you. And I've played some of your music. I think it may be my favorite to play."
How was I supposed to know she knew I was a composer?
"How d'you know my stuff?"
She smiled. "I've played piano since I was 2 or 3. It's not that hard to pick it up around here. It started coming out when I was 5. Does that mean that you started writing when you were 4?"
"How did you know that?!"
"Simple. You look about 13. I'm 14. If you're a year younger that would make you 4 when all your major works began coming out."
"They don't call you psychic for nothin'..."
Thalia Eve sighed. "I know..."
Before I could ask what was up a superbly amazingly hot guy walked by. He woulda stood out in just about any crowd (Except for one of male models...) but this crowd it was just sad. Way too many of them looked like your average geek. 'Cept they were even a heck of a lot smarter than even those idiots. Although I guess I stood out too... But I guess it isn't so bad, being an albino...
Thalia Eve was staring too.

That was Audrey. I dunno who'll narrate next, but they'll meet up with Zachary soon. Jack might take a little while to introduce.
Sorry, no description will be given at this time. If you want one, chose your fav male, fictional or non character and think about them being an artist with a British accent.

Today was INSANE!
At lunch everyone in my grade got a sugar rush, so were bouncing off walls during study hall. And the tornado drill didn't help much...
In cooking we made puppy chow and ate cookies we made on Tuesday, but didn't have time to bake then. Lauren, one of my friends, also in cooking, went a little over board with the powdered sugar, which was her job to put on... It was all white when we were done.

After school I went to hang out with Fay, and then we found Infublo over at the J, which is what I will now call the place I tend to hang out at after school, or the community center, which is across the parking lot from my school.
So,a anyway, we met up with Infublo, and her nutter friend, James. He's crazier than her, which is sad...
Fay was hitting him for no good reason and Infublo was hitting Fay in defense of James and James was trying to do his homework, and so was I, except I kept on laughing too hard...
Needless to say, we were kicked out of the library we were in at the time...

So, yeah. Today was beneficial. Yesterday was really hard, but I won't be saying anything about that. However;
Cranberry, I am still going on with my blogs, thanks.

If any of you read her blog, then you'll know what's up...

Cheerio and good night, peeps!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Part 2

Part 2-Conferences

(Thalia Eve Cullen)

Conferences are boring. Forget super smart people liking things "normal" people find boring. Trust me. They are SO just as boring to us. But I went. I guess it wouldn't be that bad to meet more people like me.
I have a weird problem. I know people don't believe me, but I think that my genius is just a problem with my head. I'm practically psychic, for God's sake. How is that not a PROBLEM?! Sure its made me rich and famous, but I could do gladly with out it.
And now this letter. From Sir Henry Edward Kniles, III. With his fancy Ph.D. Honestly? With all that trite nonsense. "We gladly invite you to a conference of children with special talent's similar to your own, or with other..." Boring.
It was just so pitiful.
They weren't really even "inviting" me anyways. They were telling me to come or else.
But I went. My mum left me at the appointed building and I went in alone, my letter as my security pass. Outside of some doors that obviously led to a conference room, 5o or so other kids, almost all under 15, were mulling around, each one a varying degree of a geek. Some looked extremely normal, while others were...a sad stereotype. I hate stereotypes.
A girl, about 13, only a year younger than me, stood waiting patiently by the door. She had on earphones and seemed lost in her own world, her fingers playing piano in the air. It would be an unremarkable scene except for two things. 1) She played the keys with remarkable accuracy (I had taken piano for years now. I knew the keys.) and 2) she was an albino.
Her skin was completely white, as was her hair. Her eyes were red, but there was something about them that made them not sinister or even particularly disturbing. They just were.
I went to talk with her. Once I forced through the crowd I tapped the girl on the shoulder and she pulled out one earphone.
"Hello. I'm Thalia Eve Cullen. What's your name?" I held out my hand to shake hers.
She smiled and took my hand. "I'm Audrey Evans. I think your books are brilliant," said Audrey, in an Australian accent.
"Thank you. And I've played some of your music," I told the composer. "I think it has been my favorite to play."

And that was Thalia Eve. She doesn't talk much. Audrey's narration is up next. When she's not playing music you can't shut her up.

I got an other award!!!!! It's on the side. I'm kind of fuzzy on the rules of this one, but I think the nomination is anyone and you have to write about 10 things you like.

I nominate...

1. England. I want to live there. Enough said.

2. Books. I don't need to explain that one either.

3. Writing. I want to be an author. A lot of the time it's easier for me to talk on paper than with words.

4. Doctor Who. THE BEST EVER TV SHOW!!!!!!!!! <3 the Doctor!!!!! (The new season premier is tonight!!!! Matt Smith is gonna be SO funny!!!)

5. Detective shows. They rock. 'Nuff said. Although I think I've watched too many 'cuz I usually figure out who did it before the show's half over.

6. Macs. I have a Mac laptop. They're the best. Best present I ever got. Especially for my Bat Mitzvah.

7. Death Note. THE BEST MANGA EVER WRITTEN. And that is a fact.

8. Libraries. When they actually get my book when I put it on hold. (I've been waiting for 3 or 4 weeks for some Death Note books.)

9. Free time. No explanation needed.

10. All my lovely followers. Especially the ones who give me awards. ;-)

And I just read a really great Bones fan fic, called The Skull that was Bones.

Cheerio, peeps!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Part 1

Part 1-A letter

(Zachary Quait)

"... And there's also a letter for you, Zachy," said Mom, ending her chatter about what had happened to her during the day.
"Is there..?" I muttered, detached. "And stop calling me 'Zachy'!"
"But, Sweetie, I've called you that since you were born!"
She seemed disappointed, but I just walked away, leaving my dinner plate in the sink. I pulled the letter off the counter as I left the kitchen. Once I was sitting on the staircase I slit it open, getting a paper cut in the process. A few drops of blood fell on the once pristine, white of the back of the envelope. On the front the return address was from somewhere I had never heard of, in London.
The paper was white, with official looking, typed black lettering. The top of the paper was headed with a coat of arms an a very official sounding, "Sir Henry Edward Kniles III, Ph. D." It seemed kind of stupid to me, having a title. Although I didn't have one... Yet...
Most of it was complete boring nonsense, about the world's problems, being super smart, etc. I happened to be a math genius, officially.
The only part I bothered to pay attention to was the bit at the end, "inviting" me to a conference in London, with a whole bunch of the world's other child prodigies.
Well, I though. Could be fun... COUNT ME IN!

What do you think? Do you like "Zachy" so far? I'll try to keep an even amount of narration between my characters. Except for Jack. He doesn't get to tell much...

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Stay tuned for London conference!

P.P.S. The paper cut and title are IMPORTANT!!!!!

P.P.P.S I have a name for the story! In honor of Thalia Eve, I give you, without further ado;
This is so Cliche It's Actually Funny.


I've finally figured out my story. It's a little bit mystery, kind of sci-fi. I don't really know where it's going to take me. There are four main characters, and be grateful, because they took WAY too long to name.

Zachary Quiat-He's from Texas. He's a kind of science geek/genius. He's the master of probability, logic, and math. Obviously, really good with computers.

Audrey B.(Blanche) Evans-She's from Australia. She's almost as much of a musical genius as Mozart. Only one other thing makes her special. She's an albino.

Thalia Eve Cullen-British. She's a literacy genius. She can write almost every genre, could read when she was 2. She doesn't talk much, but all of her writing is very eloquent and extremely interesting. She can think everything out like it's a plot to one of her books. She knows all the possible things that people could do and she always figures out the person, so it doesn't get her many friends... It's almost like she can read their minds.

Jack C.(Callum) Finnley-British. Most people don't know he's a genius. Sometimes he's kind of arrogant, stuck up, etc. Kind of like a jock. His brand of genius is art. He's the most amazing artist, making it all look so real.

So those are my characters.
What happens is almost all the child genii, prodigies, what evers, are all called to a big conference thing in England. Weird stuff happens, and I think there'll be a crazy dude trying to use them to take over the world. And then Thalia gets really insulted by the cliche-ness of it all. So them more weird stuff happens. I won't say what, but it makes Thalia much happier.

But I need a name for the story. Any help?

Cheerio, peeps!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shaking head sadly...

I am very disappointed in my followers. I would have expected you to want to read a story about something!!! Well, if you don't comment on this post, I'll figure something out.
But still...


Cheerio, unhelpful people.

P.S. New poem:

Death to the overlord,
die his hands.
Death to the armies,
life to the lands.

Death to the overlord,
broken and bruised.
And may the revolt
continue on through.

Death to the overlord,
die his hands.
And life to the people
with a plan!

Don't ask me what it means, because since when do I have a clue what half my poems mean?


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