Thursday, 22 April 2010

Part 3

Part 3-Friendly

(Audrey Evans)

London was dark and damp. Not quite the best, after Australia, but it wasn't so bad. But nowhere could be as good as home.
But that might just be sentimental, old, me.
So, what ever I was expecting at the conference, I was definitely not expecting to meet the greatest author in the universe. Thalia Eve Cullen. So awesome.
And I definitely wasn't expecting what she said next, after I told her what I thought; "Thank you. And I've played some of your music. I think it may be my favorite to play."
How was I supposed to know she knew I was a composer?
"How d'you know my stuff?"
She smiled. "I've played piano since I was 2 or 3. It's not that hard to pick it up around here. It started coming out when I was 5. Does that mean that you started writing when you were 4?"
"How did you know that?!"
"Simple. You look about 13. I'm 14. If you're a year younger that would make you 4 when all your major works began coming out."
"They don't call you psychic for nothin'..."
Thalia Eve sighed. "I know..."
Before I could ask what was up a superbly amazingly hot guy walked by. He woulda stood out in just about any crowd (Except for one of male models...) but this crowd it was just sad. Way too many of them looked like your average geek. 'Cept they were even a heck of a lot smarter than even those idiots. Although I guess I stood out too... But I guess it isn't so bad, being an albino...
Thalia Eve was staring too.

That was Audrey. I dunno who'll narrate next, but they'll meet up with Zachary soon. Jack might take a little while to introduce.
Sorry, no description will be given at this time. If you want one, chose your fav male, fictional or non character and think about them being an artist with a British accent.

Today was INSANE!
At lunch everyone in my grade got a sugar rush, so were bouncing off walls during study hall. And the tornado drill didn't help much...
In cooking we made puppy chow and ate cookies we made on Tuesday, but didn't have time to bake then. Lauren, one of my friends, also in cooking, went a little over board with the powdered sugar, which was her job to put on... It was all white when we were done.

After school I went to hang out with Fay, and then we found Infublo over at the J, which is what I will now call the place I tend to hang out at after school, or the community center, which is across the parking lot from my school.
So,a anyway, we met up with Infublo, and her nutter friend, James. He's crazier than her, which is sad...
Fay was hitting him for no good reason and Infublo was hitting Fay in defense of James and James was trying to do his homework, and so was I, except I kept on laughing too hard...
Needless to say, we were kicked out of the library we were in at the time...

So, yeah. Today was beneficial. Yesterday was really hard, but I won't be saying anything about that. However;
Cranberry, I am still going on with my blogs, thanks.

If any of you read her blog, then you'll know what's up...

Cheerio and good night, peeps!

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  1. ya, we're wacky!!!! but it's just so fun that i can't even say that i care.



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