Sunday, 11 April 2010

Part 1

Part 1-A letter

(Zachary Quait)

"... And there's also a letter for you, Zachy," said Mom, ending her chatter about what had happened to her during the day.
"Is there..?" I muttered, detached. "And stop calling me 'Zachy'!"
"But, Sweetie, I've called you that since you were born!"
She seemed disappointed, but I just walked away, leaving my dinner plate in the sink. I pulled the letter off the counter as I left the kitchen. Once I was sitting on the staircase I slit it open, getting a paper cut in the process. A few drops of blood fell on the once pristine, white of the back of the envelope. On the front the return address was from somewhere I had never heard of, in London.
The paper was white, with official looking, typed black lettering. The top of the paper was headed with a coat of arms an a very official sounding, "Sir Henry Edward Kniles III, Ph. D." It seemed kind of stupid to me, having a title. Although I didn't have one... Yet...
Most of it was complete boring nonsense, about the world's problems, being super smart, etc. I happened to be a math genius, officially.
The only part I bothered to pay attention to was the bit at the end, "inviting" me to a conference in London, with a whole bunch of the world's other child prodigies.
Well, I though. Could be fun... COUNT ME IN!

What do you think? Do you like "Zachy" so far? I'll try to keep an even amount of narration between my characters. Except for Jack. He doesn't get to tell much...

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Stay tuned for London conference!

P.P.S. The paper cut and title are IMPORTANT!!!!!

P.P.P.S I have a name for the story! In honor of Thalia Eve, I give you, without further ado;
This is so Cliche It's Actually Funny.


  1. love it :D

    ...and Zachy, lol :]

  2. zachy... should i try that on Zack on Thursday just to see the reation? that would either be so hilarious that none of us would be able to stand up or he would just get so red in the face that we would all crack up.

  3. So it's really win-win, cuz you all get a laugh. Go for it.

  4. I like zachy! I only think that, since he's a genius, he should talk like one. One of my favorite characters that I've ever created(My readers' favorite, too!) was a nerd that always talked like a Shakespearian person!

  5. I pride myself on my invention of my geeks. Just because they ARE one doesn't mean that he has to TALK like one.

  6. p to the s, I have an award for you :]



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