Sunday, 24 January 2010

50 posts

Yay! I've got 50 posts!
(Well, 51, actually...)
Now I'm just waiting for 250 on my other blog...

Let's see...
I had another showing of the play today, my parents came. Then my mom had to go to D.C. on business.
Today I was so bored. I watched Psych, Doctor Who, Bones, and part of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. To see if I liked it, I wanted to start watching part of the BBC show Demons, but my dad made me turn the TV off.
I'm almost done with chapter 6 in my book. (FINALLY!!!!!!) And I think that's about it...
Oh! I got a new toy. Since my camera died over winter break, when I was in Paris, I finally got a new one yesterday. I need to start playing with it. And I need to upload and fix up, in photo shop, my vacation photos. Even though they'll mostly end up on the other blog, I'll add some, and link the rest.
I even want to change the picture behind my other blog's title to some properly British red phone booths. (Although I wouldn't object to photographing and adding a little blue police box... ;-])

Cheerio, peeps!

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