Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fingers On the Glass, A Mirror On the Wall

Fingers on the glass,
A mirror on the wall.
A demon in the pencil box,
Trying not to fall.
Keep a cover on the pot,
But don't delay or stall.
Keep your fingers on the glass,
A mirror on the wall.

I dunno where it came from. I was just thinking about this poem I read earlier, and then the above popped into my head.
Infublo's been writing some amazing poetry as well. I might beg her to post a piece of one, but I doubt she'll let me. I know of a few that, for sure, won't be allowed.
But I'm surprised at myself. I can't usually rhyme to save my life, but, even though it's nonsensical, it's quite good.
Weird day's at school this week. Sorry I couldn't post, tons of homework.

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. Saw the last Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant. Loved 'em. The new Doctor is gonna rock.
For English we have to write business letters and I want to send mine to the Doctor Who BBC people, but I can't find their snail mail address.
I had my first forensics practice today, did pretty awful. And I thought I didn't need to practice that much because I WROTE the piece myself!


  1. Infublo can write sensible poetry? Hm, you learn something new every day.

    And, about Forensics, you'll get better! Not to worry!

  2. you're absolutely right. there is no way in hell that some of my poems are going to be written down on this blog. NO WAY. however maybe the one i wrote today.



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