Saturday, 30 January 2010


So, yeah. Now it's the weekend.
Today class was so awful! (My Shakespeare class, that is.) Brian, our teacher, the GOOD teacher, wasn't there, for perfectly legitimate reasons, but still... So we had a sub. It was NOT fun.

Nothing new, I don't think...
Oh! My camera was so evil. When I was in Paris over winter break it died, except it started to die earlier than I thought it did! When we went to the opera house (the Phantom of the Opera one) it messed up all the pictures!!!!!! >:-( I'm so MAD!!!!!!!!! Phantom is the BEST!!!!!!

For English our journal this week was to write a story about this picture(sorry it's sideways), using at least 5 sentence openers, since we just did a unit on those. Did I write in my opener from the test? I don't think I did.

For the last question on the test we were supposed to write the longest opener we could think of. Mine was 47 words.
Making the most awful sound, rustling through the leafless trees, to fly though the busted window panes by the front door, to rip at our clothes, tear at our hair, making the portraits of the dead that hung on the walls look even creepier, the wind howled.
That's just a little description that I might play with for my book.

Cheerio, peeps.

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