Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Arrr! A Pirate Be I!

Welcome, one and all, to Ariella's musical theater!
This year's play shall be...
*Drum roll*

The Pirates of Penzance, Junior!
(I know it sucks, but my school always does the junior version of plays.)

Zev (A boy from school, whom I believe I've mentioned before...?) is an opera singer, and this is HIS play. He loves it. When we used to do talent shows at school, he always sang "I am a Pirate King."
It is now posted below, for your enjoyment.

Sorry the people are so weird looking.

Anyway... Well, not much else, really. Most of this year's teacher are pretty good. A few, who will not be named, are not so very good... (I would say more, but I know of one teacher specifically who reads this, although he isn't my teacher this year, and I don't want to get in trouble.)

Been doing a lot of writing, both on my new manuscript (Hooray, for the assassin! The government shall never catch her! No, I won't say anything else about it for now.) and editing Reborn.
I have been told by multiple people that I WILL be published, for real, not just self-publishing.
And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and glowy! :-D

Cheerio, peeps!

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