Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sugar and Glass

I live in a world
made of sugar and glass.

One loud step
and the walls fall en masse.

Sweet and clear
will never make my troubles disappear.

I live in world
made of sugar and glass.

Which is really a world
made of lies and of fear.

I tried to do some rhyming. I think it worked surprisingly well.

Okay, about the cooking blog, I promise we'll post tomorrow. We've got cookies, ice cream cake, chocolate and peanut butter rice crispies, turkey... what-ever-they're-called-s, and some other stuff.


Well, workin' on some new things. I've got a romance/ghost story/murder mystery idea coming pretty well, and I'm still working on Assassin, so I should be able to keep pretty busy until I got back to Reborn.
Honestly, I'm a bit afraid to. Now, I know the writing in the beginning is pretty bad, but I'm cutting a whole character and moving her to be introduced in the second book, so that will take a LOT. I even have at least 2 chapters that she narrates!!
But if I must, I must.


One of my teachers this year used to be an editor, so once I do the second draft, I'll give a copy to her, and some copies to a few other teachers, and let them edit for me, if they want to. Hopefully. After I have about 4 teachers AND my mom AND (hopefully) my book selling uncle (Maybe...) AND my friends AND a previously-published, soon-to-be again published author AND myself one more time, to make the 3rd draft, then I will hopefully be ready to BEGIN sending to agents.


Okay. I'm better now.

School started again. It's school. More tomorrow, or something. I have to go to be.

G'nignt, all.

Cheerio, peeps.

P.S. I did this cool thing where all the books I have in my bookshelves that I haven't read, I put yellow sticky notes on. I have started now trying to read all the marked books. I hope to finish before the end of the school year. Maybe not, but I'll try.


  1. That's right! Stubbornnosity always wins!

  2. I would call it persistence, but yes, I suppose so.
    Nice to have you back.



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