Sunday, 12 September 2010


Unbeknownst to all, there is an old trunk in the attic. It has been undisturbed since 1944. It is full of the snapshots of life.
One is of children eating cotton candy at a carnival. Another is of a bride throwing her bouquet to her waiting friends. Snapshots of life.
Every picture is a moment, caught in a split second, the moment the holder's finger clicked the button. Since that time, some of the magic has been lost. Before you get the perfect moment, you position your camera, play with the buttons, pose the people.
There are very few snapshots of life left.
Back then, the impromptu photos were truly impromptu, no poses.
And in the attic, this box waits for the moment it will be found and dusted. Unlocked and opened. But until then, all it can do is pray that one day its' contents will be found and examined and used to once again create true snapshots of life.

Funny little story. I don't know if that whole thing about not posing photos back then is true, but it's sort of how I feel sometimes, being an amateur photographer. But I also like to position people anyway.

Cheerio, peeps.


  1. I enjoy this post :]

    Impromptu photos are the best, definitely, because it's almost serendipitous when they come out so beautifully. They're so *real*.

  2. Thanks! I rather like it too.
    And like I said above, being somewhat of a photographer, if I take people shots, I always like the impromptu the best. :-)



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