Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Yes, I am still a Harry Potter fanatic. But that's not the point of this post.

(Another name for this post is Inspiration, but I like the one I chose instead.)

Over the summer, Liza told me to join Twitter. I honestly didn't care, but I joined anyway. I follow plenty of people, but I mainly only read HarryJPotterr's tweets

And... I like Lord Voldy. (It got too long to write Lord_Vold... Yeah. Too long.) I never thought I would, but I like Voldy. Admittedly, he's always ragging on celebs I hate, so I find him hilarious, but that's not the entire point of the post.

Lord Voldy is a bastard. I'll be the first to admit that. But I'm not going to tell him to go to hell, or anything else like that, like all the other idiots who'll write in all caps F*CK YOU. (I have been trying to keep my blogs clean, unlike my writing, but I feel strongly on this point, so I will say what I want, thanks.)

Inspiration is a surprising thing. There are places you would expect to find it, and places where you know (think) it would never be. But he's one of those people with the unexpected.
I can't decide what inspires me and what doesn't. I can't and won't make myself like something that I don't.

And I like Lord_Voldemort7.

You can say I'm an idiot for liking a role-player on Twitter, but I like him. I suppose by his standards I should be a Death Eater.
1.) I use and appreciate good grammer. I also don't like people writing like this; "lol! omg did u see tht hottie! omg!" and things like that. (Yes, I know I wrote OMG and LOL in my last post, but that was for artistic use and to make a point.)
2.) I laugh at his posts.
3.) I follow and frequently retweet him.
But I don't care.

READ THIS. This gave me a bigger self-esteem boost than almost anything I've read in my entire life. He is a bastard. Yes, he is. But he still inspires me.
Don't ask me why that inspired me, it just did. One of those things where some one like me goes out and makes people like them, and everyone else for that matter, take a nice, long look at themselves.
That's what I want to do with myself.
That's what I want to be when I grow up.

I suppose I answered my own question; why does he inspire me?
But I needed to write it like I did. Voldy always makes me think and that's good.

I know that no one else my age, certainly no one else in my grade, would spend their night without homework writing a post on inspiration, anti-bullying, and anti-hypocrisy, but that's who I am.

When I think of more things, and trust me, I will, this topic will be revisited in multiple ways.

Cheerio, peeps.

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