Tuesday, 29 June 2010

OMG! Shopping!

A little piece of me died inside, screaming in agony as it went, while I wrote that title.

I can't believe I went shoe shopping today.
And enjoyed it. x.x
What have I become?!?! 0.O

Nah, but seriously. It was pretty fun with my aunt. I got some new converse, one on sale that had stars (Cool!) and another pair that was black, with SKULLS!!! :-D (I L-O-V-E Converse. They're my favorite type of shoes. Ever.) And I also got a pair of platform-y shoes. (Yay! I can be almost tall-ish!) They're black, but the strap has a big, decorative button on it, which I really like. And a few days ago I got a nice pair of flats that are silver-goldish(?). Well, in any case, metallic looking. And a really, really cool pair of black Converse with white writing. Things like tonight and New York and stuff.
CONVERSE!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

We also saw Toy Story 3 this morning. Gotta love Toy Story. (Woody!!♥!!) I think 2 is my fav. But we know a person who helped work on the animations, so yay!

Anyway, we went to my aunt's dog, Hank's, class. He was a bad doggie. We're pretty sure Hank has a dog equivalent of ADD. But he's so cute! I love him!

So, my cousin situation. Three human cousins, four dog cousins, four cat cousins. And my kitty is my baby brother. Sorta. 'Cuz in cat years he's probably older than me.

I'm sure I had some videos I wanted to post, but I can't remember what they are.
But tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed. Mostly it'll be dark red streaks, but, as shown on the side bar, I'm getting my bangs dyed a different color. I'm not sure what color they'll be though. I want a blue or purple, but we'll ask the hair dresser what he thinks. Hopefully I'll get a good color.

My book's coming well. I'm getting to the major action scenes, which will go very quick. I'm really believing I'm going to be able to finish my book, no, manuscript, by the end of the summer.

Have a nice summer everyone!
Cheerio, peeps!


  1. Your shoes sounds awesome. I <3 converse!

    I can't WAIT to see Toy Story 3. I've to wait a month though, before it comes out over here.

  2. It's very worth it. I loved it SO much!
    Converse ROCK!



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