Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My Fashion Sense is Way Out of wHaCk

A new biography off me:

I know myself better than a lot of people think a newly turned teenager would.
And I'm so much more accepting of it.

I'm a strange person. Let's say that off the bat. Today I dyed my black hair with purple and red streaks.
My fashion sense is way out of WhAcK. I love a mixture of Punk, Emo/Goth, Smart-Kid, and Vintage. Converse are my favorite shoes. Some of my favorite brands are BP., Converse(Again.), and Rubbish.
I don't wear heels. They hurt my feet.

A lot of people say I'm an old soul. I believe them. Some people say I'm smarter than my age. I say, "Depends on what subject." I love big words.
When I grow up, I want to be an author. That's been my dream since 3rd grade. In 6th we got an assignment to write a story. Most people wrote 5-10 pages. I wrote 42.
I love words. But I suck at grammar. I also tend to dislike writing in full sentences. But I also don't use abbreviations when I text, and usually when I type.

I am a strange person.

I have two best friends. One is sometimes Goth, but I can never figure out whether or not she likes it when I say she is. She doesn't want to be labeled and I get that.
The other one is a real nut job. If you've read my work here before you've heard her write, and stories of her.
On this blog, her name is Infublo.

I'm a little American girl who wishes she was and feels like she is a Brit.
I use words like nutter and brilliant.
Fish and chips are one of my favorite foods, and I consider them to be a single entity.
In my book, British fantasy is its own genre.
Once upon a time is one of the best word combinations there is. Sometimes cliches are ok.

I am a strange person.

I have a very eclectic taste in shows.
I watch:
Doctor Who, NCIS, White Collar, Merlin, House, In Plain Sight, Warehouse 13, Leverage, Royal Pains, and many others.

I can read an approximately 300 page book in a day, with camp.

I love almost all animals.
I have a cat, but no siblings.

I am a strange person.

I want to live in England someday with a Ph.D. from Harvard.
I will gladly paint each of my walls a different color.
I love Mackenzie Child.
I love antiques and wrought iron and pillows and stuffed animals. Not the creepy ones, though. The fluffy ones.
Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect, even if he wasn't the greatest planner with wiring.

I love to travel. My family's from both sides of the country. I love Seattle, Washington, California, New York, London, and Saint Louis. Just some favorites.

I love different types of music.
I like rock and scream-o.
I love alternative and indie.
I have a strange fascination with Christian rock, even though I'm Jewish. Flyleaf is a favorite.

I am a very strange person.

Now do you believe me?
I told you I know myself better than you think.

Cheerio, peeps.


  1. I also love many different types of music.
    I like rock and rap.
    I love alternative and indie.
    I love jazz and classical. (actually I really love jazz piano)
    I adore Irish trad music. LOVELOVELOVEIT.
    Listen to this ^^, the energy is amazing

  2. Just copy and paste, I couldnt't add a link



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