Sunday, 30 May 2010


I just caught up on all my sleep for about two weeks last night.

Memorial Day on Monday so... NO SCHOOL!!!!

I'm reading a book called Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, and I MET her! She came and did a reading nearby, so I went! She gave me some writing tips and signed my book!
How awesome is that?!?!
Anyway, I got another award, this time from EleanorLight, so yay! And I got it WEEKS ago, so I need to work 0n my procrastination problem...
I'm supposed to nominate about six people.... Hmm...

Jessica (Infublo) at What Really Happened,
greenpanda at greenpanda666,

And even though it took me FOREVER to finally read it, Artemis Fowl is AMAZING!!!
Love him!
Sorry Fairies! Artemis and Butler shall rule the world!! Muwahahaha!!!!

And Letters to Juliet... One of the best movies EVER!!!!! I LOVED it!!! I saw it last night with Infublo.

Cheerio, peeps!

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