Saturday, 15 May 2010

Plastic Knives

Picture from:
I do not like plastic knives.
The point of knives are that they should be able to cut things that forks are unable to cut through.
How is that supposed to happen when the fork is sturdier than the knife?

My rants are small.

And Michelle has a REALLY cool blog now. Mostly all poetry.
And her profile pic is really good.
PLEASE follow her! She needs followers and right now I'm the only one following her.

And I get to learn how to play guitar now!!! So happy!
My mom'll start to teach me, then I'll begin real lessons over the summer.
If anyone has any good ideas on what I should play once I get good, I'm all ears.
(NO, Infublo, not literally. It means that I want to know everyone's ideas.)

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