Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Welcome to Paradise

"Welcome to paradise,"
they stopped to say.

And so,
I stopped to stare.

The trees were green,
the flowers in bloom.

No cars to be seen,
only the clean air.

And as I stopped,
I stared in wonder,
I said,
"I have to go."

And my friends, they wondered to ask,
"Why is that so?"

And so I awoke,
a tear slowly falling,
and replied, my heart full of woe.

"Oh, my friends," I stopped to reply,
"How can I be happy in paradise,
if it truly isn't so?"

Kinda weird. I came up with it this morning in the car listening to, well, yeah, Welcome to Paradise.
I just realized at the awful grammar of this song...

Happy Groundhog Day!
Today during science we had a party because the A section had brought their homework in for a whole semester.
In improv one of the charades was groundhog day, and I figured it out!
Hooray for pajama day!

Cheerio, peeps!


  1. dear mother can you hear me whining? it's been six whole weeks since i have left your home. this sudden fear has left me trembling, cuz now it seems that i am out here on my own...

  2. Heyyy guess what?

    I left you an award at my blog :D


  3. AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  4. wow i love this song so much.



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