Monday, 12 October 2009

My English story

Our math teacher is very unobservant. For half the math class I wore elbow length bright black and purple striped gloves and she didn't notice. And my seat is middle of the first row, right in front of her face...

Anyway, not much happened at school... We got to interview our 2nd graders, so we can write their books... More about that later.

So, I'm just gonna post the story I had to write for English. It's ok, not my best, but I think you'll enjoy it. :-)

I slumped down on my bed, grumbling, and cursing at the rain. It was as loud as buckets of pebbles falling on the roof out of the sky. I decided to try and ignore it by reading. I rolled off my bed again to take a look at the pile of books I was in the middle of reading.
Twilight, no. Maybe Assassin... I couldn't decide. Then, at the bottom of the pile, I saw what I wanted to read. Pride and Prejudice. With a smile, I pulled it out of the bottom and stretched out on my bed again.
I had been reading for about 15 minutes when there was a bright flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. I jumped and dropped the book over the side of the bed. It landed with its spine up, saving my page.
Before I could pick the book up, I heard a muffled "ouch!" from somewhere. I couldn't figure out where it was from, though. Leaving the book on the floor, I went to open my door and called out, to see if anyone was around. I just heard a meow from my cat.
Then, again I heard someone in a muffled voice say, "You idiot. Stop looking around out the door and pick me up!"
I turned around in amazement and automatically picked up the book. "How can you be talking?" I asked it.
"How can you?" it asked as a response, in a stubborn and slightly belligerent voice.
"Fair enough. But I have organs, blood, a brain. I have vocal cords. What do you have? You're just words, paper, and ink." I was very surprised at how calm I was.
"Hasn't it been said a hundred times, a thousand times, that all it takes are words to brings something to life?" the book asked me.
Instead of answering the book's questions, I asked one myself. "Am I ever going to get anything besides a bunch of philosophical questions out of you?"
"Probably not."
"Then what use is this conversation?" I questioned the book.
"Plenty of people have quite a good time out of having philosophical conversations without answers."
"Yeah, well good for them," I muttered, annoyed. "I don't mind that stuff, but I'd rather be reading my book instead of having a long, answerless conversation with it."
"Fine. If you want to continue reading me, be my guest. I have one condition, though."
"Sure," I said, eager to do anything that would let me continue reading my book.
"Don't put me at the bottom of a book pile again. Please."
"Sure thing."
"Thanks," sighed the book, relieved.
I stretched back out on my bed and continued reading as if nothing had happened. Which, to everyone else in the world, it hadn't.

Sorry, not the best...
Cheerio, peeps!


  1. That's kinda stupid of your teacher. Of course, if it were me or Infublo, she'd probably expect it!

  2. Nope, actually. Today she wrote the answer down for me on the math test. She not smart...



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