Friday, 20 November 2009

Aha wah nya ha

Yes, that's Michelle's (Fay's) evil laugh. I know. Don't ask. She got me before I got her at lunch, but whatev.
Ummm.... Er..... Ok, sorry, but I's got no idea what to talk about...

Um.. I finished my science project (Cell Model). Um... We had a party in RS, where we watched a really stupid movie... Umm... Yeah, that's about it. Pathetic. Oh, test in FL. Not really hard.

Uh... Yeah.
Well, tomorrow I'll be in NY, for Thanksgiving, so not much posting next week. Woohoo. I get to miss two days of school!
Pretty much it for now...
Uh... Yeah, bye!

Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. Sorry I'm so pathetic...
Other blog has more interesting stuff... LINK TO OTHER BLOG.

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