Wednesday, 17 March 2010

And who are you?

A bowl of empty,
a glass of full.

A box of nothing,
a bag of all.

A chair for no one,
a stool for them.

If I am no one,
then which one of them are you?

Well, this just turned out amazingly. I really like this one! And, yeah, it's another couplet one, although lately I have been doing quart-somethings... Lines of four!
Anyway, yeah, I like this one.

Lately I've been working on some interesting characters, Nithanda, Starr, and Leo. They're all from my current book, they're some of the stars. And all girls, even Leo.

Nothing much new. Tomorrow we get to talk with another author, on Skype, this time. Yay!
yeah, every year our English teacher gets an author to come to our school, so this is the SECOND one this year! We're talking to Rodman Philbrick.

Yeah, pretty much it.

Cheerio, peeps.


  1. Yep. It's kind of inspired by Emily Dickinson's "I'm Nobody."

  2. Cool! Leo being made of stars reminds me of Stargirl. :D

  3. Yeah. Leo's great as one of the stars, though.

  4. lol, used to me that was spurting out poetry and now it's you!!!!! hahahahahaha... i dont know why that's so amusing, it just is.... yay Star!!!! she's funny.... and Nathanda, and i like Leo, she's gonna be my friend.



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