Friday, 26 March 2010

When Children Play

Forgiven is the traitor,
pitied is the thief.

Broken is their heart,
bothered is their mind.

Hanged is the king,
gone are the governors.

Against us is the world,
despising us are the gods.

Gone are the days when we were free,
and now alone are we.

But still to come is the year,
when children will play
in the buildings,
broken from and freed.

I have no idea what it means, so don't ask me...
Weird stuff at school today. I'll talk more about it on Sunday, or something. I might get Infublo to post some time, give you a lesson in how to talk about boys in code. A code, I might add, that makes logical sense! And she made it up herself!!!!

SPRING BREAK!!!! It has now begun! On Wednesday I'm going to California, to visit family, but I think I'll still be able to post. Most likely on my other blog...
THERE IS A LINK ON THE SIDE BAR!!! I just posted on the other blog and NO ONE's commented yet! I am insulted!

What ev...
Yay for non-writer's block!
I'm gonna go write a book now. ;-)
Cheerio, peeps!

P.S. I'm writing a PLAY! Although, it's probably better to read it than act it, it would work. I'm writing it special so that the first people to read it will be my English teacher and my lit teacher, just cuz I want their input. Should be fun.


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Have a wonderful spring break and just ENJOY IT!!! :)

  2. A play? That's sounds rather fun, actually :D



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