Sunday, 30 May 2010


I just caught up on all my sleep for about two weeks last night.

Memorial Day on Monday so... NO SCHOOL!!!!

I'm reading a book called Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, and I MET her! She came and did a reading nearby, so I went! She gave me some writing tips and signed my book!
How awesome is that?!?!
Anyway, I got another award, this time from EleanorLight, so yay! And I got it WEEKS ago, so I need to work 0n my procrastination problem...
I'm supposed to nominate about six people.... Hmm...

Jessica (Infublo) at What Really Happened,
greenpanda at greenpanda666,

And even though it took me FOREVER to finally read it, Artemis Fowl is AMAZING!!!
Love him!
Sorry Fairies! Artemis and Butler shall rule the world!! Muwahahaha!!!!

And Letters to Juliet... One of the best movies EVER!!!!! I LOVED it!!! I saw it last night with Infublo.

Cheerio, peeps!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Proud to be a Mountain Peak!

I have a new blog!!!
It's called Proud to be a Geek at
I'm special! I KNOW!!! Infublo's rubbing off on me!
Her new blog is here, What Really Happened.

And I'm SO sorry! I SWEAR I'll post something new this weekend, and I'll put a bunch of photos up on to the new page! Things have been so freakin' hectic, though. Sorry!

Eight days till school's out!!

Cheerio, peeps!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"Girlfriend kidnapped by ninjas. Need money for ransom and kung-fu lessons!"

yo. im ba-ack!!! so, the title was this sign that we saw as we strolled down the streets of this lovely city of Chicago. This is still Infublo btw, just in case u couldn't tell by the writing. Our day started out with a wonderful breakfast of chocolate filled bread, apples, and pickles (no we're not strange. well... maybe i am, but don't blame Ariella- i started it). After that, we went to go look around the city and make our way to the John Hancock building. It's got a great view of the city and was like empty today. Except for a high school group of about 200, we were some of the only people in the observatory thingamaboder at the top of the building. The elevator to get up there sucks out loud! It's cramped, small, and claustrophobia inducing. Then when we left, we went to go make our way to the aquarium. Unfortunately some of us have ADHLAS, thank you to my friend James for telling me that I have this disease. It means attention deficit- hey look a squirrel! So, we went through Millennium Park to get to the aquarium. They have these awesome fountains in the middle of the park that squirt water after showing these faces that smile, frown, and eventually spit at u. I wanted to run thru them and so we did (see the post before for what we did). I started a trend, then got ALL wet!!!!! I was sopping wet by the time that we left. When we finally got to the aquarium we were ready to go. But, we stayed and watched a very strange show with a little girl wearing this HUGE locked that was supposed to give her like magical powers or whatever. Then we looked at cute little sea animals and acted like 5 year olds- not so much Ariella, but very much me! :-D i love acting WAAAAY younger than i am, especially when i look so much older than i am. Later we got ice cream- this was strictly for homework purposes! We actually got homework from one of our teachers to go get ice cream. So, i did what i do with absolutely every homework assignment from this teacher- twist it so that it's extremely fun (see the post about tofu (long story)). I ate my ice cream all right. But to do that, i ate the bottom of the cone first and ate my way up instead of down. Then i ate the front part of the cone, and sorta scooped out the ice cream- weird visual im sure but that was sort of what i did. After the ice cream, we went across the street to go to the Hershey's store. Now we have lots of candy and the hope that we will be asleep before 3am is in vain for we shall not be able to sleep at ALL! dinner was normal then we came back to the hotel-condo rental place where we're staying. Now im posting- btw i'm gonna create a blog soon- please follow me! Ariella and i r thinking of calling it What Really Happened and using my insane knowledge of the creation of many everyday objects contrary to what the government is trying to teach us. I know the truth and shall shed the light of it unto u if u will please follow me. first post will be about the refrigerator- the knowledge shone on me during dinner tonite and now i know the truth- and u shall find out soon!

Infublo here

Yo. MWAHAHAHAH!!!!! uh... u didn't just read that did u? cuz if u did id be happy to go get a ninja hired to make sure that no one ever finds out about it, and id HATE to have to do THAT!.... so anyway, ariella and i r in Chicago, the windy city, though Milwaukee is exactly the same! im just a teensy bit hyper right now, seeing as we just had a LOT of ice cream. we went thru some fountains earlier, and i got ALL wet!!!! and i started a trend of people going thru the fountain. ariella and i were the first to go thru. actually i was the first since ariella didn't really want to go and then a whole bunch of high schoolers went in after me, thinking that i was a high schooler. i guess i don't really look a whole lot like a 13 year old tho.... ive been assumed to be anywhere from 14 to 19..... ya so, READ MAXIMUM RIDE!!!!! Fang is my soulmate, he's one of the main characters. ive also decided that L from Death Note is my soulmate too.... so i have one live and one dead soulmate. i think im doing purty dang well!!!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Plastic Knives

Picture from:
I do not like plastic knives.
The point of knives are that they should be able to cut things that forks are unable to cut through.
How is that supposed to happen when the fork is sturdier than the knife?

My rants are small.

And Michelle has a REALLY cool blog now. Mostly all poetry.
And her profile pic is really good.
PLEASE follow her! She needs followers and right now I'm the only one following her.

And I get to learn how to play guitar now!!! So happy!
My mom'll start to teach me, then I'll begin real lessons over the summer.
If anyone has any good ideas on what I should play once I get good, I'm all ears.
(NO, Infublo, not literally. It means that I want to know everyone's ideas.)

The Orange

Picture from:

I throw the brightly colored fruit up into the air and then catch it again.

In the blistering heat of the day, leaning under the shade of the tree is pure bliss.

I bounce the fruit in my hand again.

The tree grows next to my parent’s cliché, our white picket fence.

I lean my head back to rest upon the rough bark of the giant old oak and think of absolutely nothing.

Pure bliss.

I suddenly sit up. I hear the screech of tires against the newly laid asphalt of our road. Through my widening brown eyes I see the top of a big red truck, coming up fast toward me, just behind the picket fence.

I have no time to run. My throat is swollen silently shut; I cannot scream.

The truck crashes through the fence, the tires squealing with their owner’s attempts to break.

I am flung back by a piece of the fence, now reduced to shrapnel by this big truck. The tree trunk stops the truck in its tracks. Now it lays silent and it is hard to imagine it was the creature responsible for the squeals and crashes.

A silent man droops in the driver’s seat. Was it really he who drove this beast?

I see a small circle at the feet, the tires, of the beast. I crawl toward it.

My orange.

Once the symbol of bliss to me, now the symbol of tragedy.

Weird story.

What do you think?

The Silent Child

One word in a year,
yet not once did she move her lips.

Two words in a month,
but never did her mouth move.

Three words in a week,
though she never opened her mouth.

Four words in a day,
but not a sound did she make.

Five words in an hour,
but she never took a breath.

Six words in a minute,
yet she was never looked upon.

One thousand words in a second,
but never was she heard.

And never she was heard,
till one day someone decided to listen.

I came up with this poem last night when I was SUPER bored. I might put it at the beginning of my ghost story, because it reminds me of the ghost.

The picture was taken in Paris, my first day there. It was kinda rainy.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I'll finish part 4 eventually. I guess I'm just being lazy, but I dunno if I can really say that, cuz I just wrote an outline of the last half of my book, which will be super action packed-

More poetry, and a quote I made. And my proverb.

Love You, Too-

Me: Once upon a time...
You: I love you, too.
Me: I didn't say that.
You: Were you going to?
Me: Maybe.
You: Continue.
Me: Once upon a time...
You said you loved me.
And I told you that's what I thought about you.
I <3 U.

White as Snow-

What is whiter than snow,
but blacker than death?

What is red as a rose,
but blue as a tear?


"But not all stories that start with 'once upon a time' end with happily ever after."

And from reading all this you'd probably never guess that I've actually (And I'm dead serious here.) only had two crushes in my entire life.

I wrote all that down last night in a cool way, so I'll try to post a picture of the paper some time this weekend, or something.

Fay's teaching me Russian! It's so cool!

Anthony Hill-

Ten Seconds-
This might be my new favorite song.
I'll post my other favs.

Gone One-
I'm waiting for this to be on iTunes...

I love this song!
On if you search Anthony Hill you can find it for free.

Speaking of free music...
There's this site called, and they record lots of indie artists live and acoustic and you can download them for free.
Examples: This Providence, Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, Kate Walsh.
(I didn't choose anyone special (Except for This Providence and Death Cab for Cutie. I LOVE them!) I just went through some artists I've downloaded from them.)

I'll keep working on anything writing related for the next few days.

Cheerio, peeps!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

No, no, no! The roads are not closed because Obama is in town, the roads are closed because a BOMB WAS FOUND!

Had to say it.
When that bomb was found in Time Square one of my friends from school was in NYC. Didn't know what was happening at the time, but you know....
And also the confirmation class from Sunday school was in NYC. They had just seen a play and the person they were supposed to meet made the mistake shown on the title.
Little bit of a difference, don't you think?

So, not much new...
I got Strep yesterday, so I guess I got to stay home...

And Fay gave me a new idea for a book. I've lately been a little fascinated with fallen angels, so perfect time to use it. But I won't say anymore.

There's a break in the middle of the week soon, so Infublo, Fay, my mom, and I are gonna go on a trip! Yay!

When I get a chance I'll post more of Cliche.

Cheerio, peeps.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Soundtrack to My Life

Thanks, Cranberry!
Today she posted this cool thing called Soundtrack to My Life, as if it was a movie or something. It was really cool, so I tried it.

RULES: Put your iPod on shuffle and don't skip songs. Write the songs down in the order they play.
Here's what I got, plus a YouTube video of the music, if I can find one. And my commentary on the song relating to the event.

Opening Credits: The Lovecats by The Cure
This song kind of works. It depends on what part they'd play it at.

Waking Up: Help, I'm Alive by Metric
All I have to say is: Hahahaha...

First Day of School: Brain Stew by Green Day
This one works pretty well. I'm happy with this song.
(The sound isn't so great on this video, but it's the best I could find.)

Falling in Love: Open Wounds by Skillet
WTF??!?!?!?!!!?? This song is for BREAKING UP!

Fighting: Middle of the Night by Sherwood
I guess this one would probably work if the other person was cheating, or something.

Breaking Up: Holiday (Demo Version) by Valencia
This one is okay. Depending on what part they'd play it at, it would work.

Driving: Eighty Steps Away by The Good Listeners
This one works nicely. It talks a lot about going places. (And the only reason I got it was because it was free on iTunes one week.)

Flashback: Fell in Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack
Haha. Good one. Depending on the flashback.

Getting Back Together: Liars and Battlelines by Rookie of the Year
I don't know if this one works so great. It might work better for fighting, but whatev.

Prom Night: You Found Me by The Fray
I found the slow dance song!

Wedding (Skips a lot, doesn't it?): Set Apart This Dream by Flyleaf
I actually think this is a good one for this. It talks a lot about dreams and stuff, so when you're happy enough it can fell like you're in a dream. Although, it's actually a kind of depressing song if you really read into the lyrics, like Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables, but let's not think about that, shall we?

Birth of a Child: Weathered by The Dangerous Summer
I'm not gonna comment on this song.

Final Battle: Top of the World by All-American Rejects
WTF?!?! Unless... Nope. It just doesn't work. Unless they're beat by the "king that we put up there."

Death Scene: Dressed to Kill by Love is a Story
OMF. What the freak?! THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

Funeral: Soldier's Poem by Muse
I this works pretty well. It would actually work better for the death scene, but I dunno.
Love Muse.

End Credits: Surfaced by The Dangerous Summer
This works PERFECTLY for an ending credits song!

So, in summary, I am thinking I do not want most of these songs as the soundtrack for my life. But Surfaced is probably at the top of the list, if I had to choose some.

Cheerio, peeps!


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