Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So, on the blacktop at our school, we have a tetherball post. But, since the start of school, it's been missing! SO today Infublo came up with an explanation for why it is not there. Apparently, it was eaten by rabid, blue, field mice with rainbow heads. She told that to a few people and they all said she was crazy. Then, she went up to Mr. SS and asked him why it wasn't there after she told him her explanation. He said it was eaten by a deer. So she decided he is blind AND color blind at the same time, and that she actually saw the mice eat the tetherball, but they all climbed on top of each other in the shape of a deer. So, apparently that is what Mr. SS saw.
All this from my insane, and partially dyslexic friend, who's spelling sucks, has horrible grammar, and her logic only sometimes makes sense. And I'm the only one who can understand her, sometimes. And I wonder where I get my friends...

Yeah, all that happened during recess today. :-D
Yep, weird school. ;-)

All the teachers were back today. We got partial scripts for the musical. Not too much homework. I had an easy test in English, and a spelling test in FL.

Cheerio, peeps!


  1. I luurve tetherball, so why did the mice eat it?!

    To tell the truth, I think this incident, to Infublo, is a lot like my everyday life...



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