Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day one

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't get to post about the first day of school, but I will now.

Ok. This year will be interesting, because we have a few teachers that we had last year for different subjects. My locker is 367, even though you don't really care. So, what happened... Well, I got attacked by a staple, I don't like most of the new kids in the grade below me, I don't like the math teacher, ... Yeah.
Um, but this year should be fun. I really like the lit teacher. Oh, here's a list of the teachers:
Mr. English
Mr. SS (Social Studies)
Ms. FL (Foreign Language)
Ms. RS (Religious Studies)
Ms. Lit(erature)
Mr. PE (Gym)
Ms. Science (Not going to be my favorite teacher, or class, this year, because we have to dissect a frog. Ugh. I hate that. One of the newest reasons to add to my list of possible arguments for becoming a vegetarian. (With some slight, occasional exceptions.))
Ms. Math
Mr. W (Also, sometimes know as The Music Man. He's the play director, and he subs for a lot of classes.)
I think that's all...
If I missed any, I'll post their names later.

Cheerio, peeps!


  1. Haha. I'm loving Science this year for the same reason you hate it! What's W stand for?

  2. The teacher's actual last name.



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