Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The tree of the dead

More Infublo stories. Today at recess we were walking aimlessly around and we came across one of the trees. It had a cross on it, from chalk. We were speculating why and I said, joking, that maybe someone was buried under there. She immediately decided I was right and came up with many reasons why.
1. From far away the tree's leaves looked like dried blood.
2. There were silver ribbons tied to the tree. She decided that they were sacrifices of silver to the dead.
Yep, that's Infublo.

During lunch she had an apple. Then she started talking to it. I don't really remember how the conversation got started, but I know it had something to do with how crazy she was (is). Then she was suddenly asking her apple questions. Finally she decided that she was married to it. That was after I said, "I hope you and your apple are very happy together." She named it "Appy". I asked her why "Appy" still liked her, as she was still eating the apple. She said that "Appy" got bored and screaming in pain was something to do. And that "Appy" was a masochist. Then, at the end of lunch she "divorced" "Appy" because he was "looking at other fruit." What is going on in her head!??!?!?!

Got some weird homework. We have to write a poem for English. Darn. Hate poems. 'Kay, that's pretty much all for now...

Oh, just so you know, I swear everything about Infublo is totally true!
Cheerio, peeps!


  1. Poor Infublo. Being cheated on is awful, especially when it's someone you know well... Eccentric...

    Eccentric; Cranberry, I had NO idea that you and Mr. Flagpole were together! I'm sorry!

    Cranberry; Yeah, yeah, Miss Alter Ego.



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