Friday, 4 September 2009

Week One

HA! I have survived the first week of school! Against all odds, I did it! YAY! So, let's review the week, shall we...

I started school on Monday. I got a cut from a staple, organized my locker, met the new kids, decided I didn't like the math teacher, decided I didn't like most of the kids in the grade below me, and found out that all my classes would be with Infublo.

Tuesday. Not much happened. We learned a bunch of new things in Social Studies, found out I lost my Foreign Language book from last year, got the Lit book, and started a new thing in Religious Studies.

Wednesday. Still not much. We were in the Computer Lab for math, started on some interesting things in English. That night I finished the Lit book. :-) I LOVE The Outsiders! It's SOO GOOD! And so freekin' SAD!!!!! I cried for the last 30 pages!

Thursday. I wasn't feeling well, so I left at recess. Missed..? Not much.

Friday, today. Yay! The end of the week! Started our JJJs in Religious Studies (No, I'm not going to tell you what it stands for.), not fun. We had our first Health class of the year. Darn. Hate that freekin' teacher. YAY! Weekend!

Hooray, weekend! Hopefully, I'll get one, or two, good photo-shoots in this weekend.
Cheerio, peeps!



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